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The Coverage’s April Pick: Leng Yein, the amusing and ambitious hustler!

She’s a hustler with a good heart, soft but strong, unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you aspire to be. The combination of qualities that few have mastered in a lifetime. _MG_1918-Edit In this month’s ‘The Coverage’s pick’, we bring you an icon, a household name in the entertainment industry but most importantly, a woman with many qualities to look up to. We bring to you the one and only, Leng Yein! Leng Yein has been a consistent and profound staple in the Asia entertainment industry. Born in Kuantan, the strong, independent and ambitious woman that we know and love rose to the top into becoming Asia’s number one Female DJ. Though many of us associate her name to her more successful run in her career as a DJ, there’s more to her than meets the eye. _MG_1919-Edit_MG_1925-Edit We The Coverage Bureau had the opportunity to land an interview with Leng Yein and to really dig deep into the woman who is never done with what she had started. In our interview, she shares with us about herself as an individual, her aspirations and values that slowly unfolds the uniqueness to be one of the most articulate individuals we have ever met. Back then before Leng Yein became who we know of today, she was a former beauty queen who won awards while be it a car model as well. Though she has a stunning figure, she knows well enough to brand herself through social media garnering millions of followers on Facebook while thousands over on Instagram. _MG_1976-Edit_MG_2002-Edit Her stunning figure may be appealing to many as she brands it, however there is no doubt that it comes out as controversial. When asked about the controversial crowning of her being a ‘Bad Bitch’, we asked in her point of view what it meant to her. Without having to think twice she states that “That’s the image and brand that I myself withhold and put out. I have to become the brand. The reason be it is because there are just to many “young” and “good” ones out there in the industry already.” “People like me, we have to reinvent and brand ourselves different in order to gain our followers. I made that image and I love how I am. Besides, the image I put out is the image people pay to see. I’m a hustler” _MG_2033-Edit When asked about the amount of times she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her figure, she smiles from one end to the other and said “I lost count seriously. I think six or seven major ones and a lot of minor ones lololol” Even with all the haters judging and criticizing her for the image she puts out as being fake, she admits that the haters can’t do much because as she states, “All those who cross the line and my limit either ends up in jail or at the very least gets themselves involve into some real trouble.” _MG_2032-Edit_MG_2065-Edit Like what she appears to be, she’s a no nonsense kind of a girl when she clarifies with the haters that “I am super protective of those I love, so don’t bug my family. So haters beware.” Besides being a stunningly beautiful woman, she was also already working hard even before the age of 30, she had an entrepreneurship spirit in her by managing a mamak restaurant at one point, tattoo parlor, boutique, a fashion label and so much more. While being a business woman herself, she enjoys the entertainment limelight as well. Instead of being a DJ, she’s an extremely engaging host and singer, making her an even more sought out after individual to meet and work with.

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_MG_2085-Edit However it wasn’t always the entertainment limelight or the entrepreneurship she had in mind when she was younger. She stated, “My ambitions when I was younger wasn’t even remotely close to what I’m doing now!” as she laughs. “I wanted to be a surgeon when I was younger. I was once a top Biology student but I gave up furthering my studies for love. I went straight to hustling. I never regretted what I did back then because in the end, life is good either ways. I won’t know which path would have been better but I know that life isn’t that bad right now.” _MG_2094-Edit_MG_2101-Edit When talking about her career, we couldn’t help but ask her about her most challenging experience working in the many lines of her career. She replied to us with a passionate tone and said, “With every line of work I turn to, I just want to be among the best. In order to stand tall among the best or be the best, everything I do has to be better than ever before, and in order to do better, I take up more challenges and risks than others. That’s just what life is about in my opinion. The amount of risk you take comes with a price in return. The harder the tasks are, the tougher the hustle is and be it the higher you get in return.” _MG_2109-Edit Leng Yein also dwelled upon her future plans being to expand her career. She shared, “On a professional level, that’s to maximize my DJ Leng Yein World Tour. I’m already planning to expand it beyond towards the countries in Europe and in the United States of America.” “On a personal level however, I plan to get married and have kids with someone who is able to keep me happy for the rest of my life” stated Leng Yein as she continues to answer upon the question.
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_MG_2145-Edit_MG_2153-Edit It’s also no surprise that Leng Yein has also famously married and soon after divorced with her ex husband in just a short span of time. Though it may be a sensitive topic to some but Leng Yein wasn’t fearful to speak out about it. She mentions that is wasn’t a tough time for her even after her divorce, she shared that she just had to switch her focus from being a wife to being her. Adding, “I got to concentrate and devote my time into my work instead of my marriage now. Right now, I have the freedom to do whatever I want, to go wherever I want and to eat whatever I feel like eating.” “I’m in control of my own life and that gives me happiness too.” Proving that she doesn’t need a man in her life to dictate her life choices. She also mentions briefly that the few characteristics that she can never stand in a man are irresponsible, lazy and the most hated one among all, cheaters. _MG_2195-Edit_MG_2202-Edit In terms of experience, Leng Yein has definitely gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout her life. There’s so much that she has been through and yet she continues on head strong, just like herself as an individual, there are much more layers to her than what people can define. _MG_2217-Edit So to dig deep, we asked her some personal questions drifted by her values, experience and opinions. We started off simple and asked her who are the role models in her life and why she had chosen them in particular. She answered us with a set answer in mind already, saying that “Everyone in my life are in one way or another a role model to me. However, specifically Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey are the two key people I look up to. They’re independent, honest, powerful and most importantly, they are kind.”  _MG_2222-Edit As a public figure, she said that having good ethics and being down to earth are important. What more, being kind and friendly has always been what she holds dearly and practices. “I want to be all the above and i do meet artist with qualities of all the above. Snobbish and cocky artists are big turn offs. I don’t respect a cocky and rude person. But I respect the hustle” she states.
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_MG_2249-Edit After several questions, we asked her our final question for the interview. We asked if there were any chance for her to change the way people view or think of her, what changes would she like it to be. Remember me as she says, “I can be both beautiful and smart. I don’t need to choose between either beauty or brains because I want to be both beautiful and smart. I can be too and I will make sure it comes true and through.” _MG_2250-Edit By the end of it all, as we part ways into our separate paths, she made me think of all the experiences she has gained over the many few years and how she’s just an amazingly stunning yet beautiful individual. Smart enough to set herself apart from the world, she is her own world and I respect that. She knows the power of her mind so well that she puts the will to programme it to success. That’s why we at The Coverage Bureau has chosen her to become our April’s pick. _MG_2252-Edit Leng Yein’s pages: Leng Yein’s Facebook Leng Yein’s Instagram Leng Yein’s YouTube Leng Yein’s Twitter Images by VividXposure by Alfred Lee [irp posts="7038" name="The Coverage's January Pick : Venice Min, More Than Just A Beautiful Face"] [irp posts="8576" name="Coverage : Q & A Session With FHM Cover Girl Venice Min"] [irp posts="9859" name="The Coverage’s February Pick : Janice Tan, A Girl Who Aspires To Do More"] [irp posts="10551" name="The Coverage's March Pick: Amber Chia, Inspiring Others to Aspire"]    

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