THE COVERAGE's August Pick: Leng Sean, The Insane!

28-year-old Leng Sean was from Kuantan but moved to the city 10 years ago for studies in UTAR, Setapak, KL. She started modelling since she was 15-years-old. If you’re pretty sure the name ‘Leng’ reminds you of something, then you’re right! She’s Malaysia’s Top DJ, Leng Yein’s younger sister! See the good gene resemblence? _DSC2568-Edit Leng Sean pursued modelling, while her sister Leng Yein won Miss Pahang. That’s when an agent discovered Leng Sean because of her height and talent. Later, she bagged Miss Pahang as well! She is a very talented young lady, she models, dances (R&B, traditional and even pole dancing), and hosted a lot of car shows and brand events, and is Malaysia’s first Club MC and first Hype Girl!  She’s run The Leng Sisters Empire business with her sister Leng Yein since she was 15-years-old. When asked one thing that she dislikes the most about her job, she said: “Being tied up all the time…” _DSC2631 _DSC2618   “My sister Leng Yein is my biggest inspiration. She taught me about life and to never give up in life. She also taught me to hustle around always.” She loves her sister very much. When it comes to the most important things in life, she puts family first! Secondly, would be money and then relationship. She is very passionate about work and spends most of the time travelling for work! She enjoys her work but her 10-20 year dream is:

“My dream is to open up a cafe. Then, I’ll be spending most of my time opening shop every day and passionately earning money!”

_DSC2647-Edit _DSC2614 Leng Sean likes learning new stuff and meeting new people. Even though many say that working in the modelling industry is tiring she enjoys it very much. She doesn’t think that work is a “hard” thing. When asked what her greatest breakthrough in career has been, she says that there are just too many in her life:

“When I won my pageant titles at a young age, going into modelling, my first emcee event, my first hype girl/party mc… There’re a lot! Hahahaha, everything is a breakthrough for me because I love trying new things! Next time I’ll try to be a wedding emcee!”

_DSC2613 Leng Sean says that success is when you are very happy and contented with what you have right now. A successful person should be who they are, be the real them.

“People change when they reach another stage in their life or when they fall, the point is to always stay humble, honest and be yourself. And always remember to have a good heart.”

_DSC2592 To achieve her success, Leng Sean sacrificed a lot of her time to hang out or have fun. All she does is work, work and work. Other than work, she’ll be staying at home and sleeping. That’s the kind of busy life she has. She added by saying that she was very blessed that her boyfriend is very understanding of her work conditions.

“Hmmm… if I didn’t get into this career, I think I’ll be married and running a cafe or something, so that I’ll still have a business but have enough time to take care of my family as well.”

_DSC2597 Other than working, she also loves to run social media training – teaching people how to be successful in social media, as well as running online businesses. Right now, Leng Sean is on The Leng Sisters World Tour with her sister Leng Yein! Seriously, I don’t think there’re any other DJs as successful as these sisters! Her advice to the young readers out there is to ignore other people’s opinion, because they don’t live your life. Be yourself and do whatever you think it’s right. Never take people’s comment into your heart, let them say what they want. Guess that’s how Leng Sean became so successful in Malaysia! She has set a great example to the young ones! Photo credits to: BKL Photography  Hairdo: GMA Hair Studio 



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