The Coverage's Campus Babe: The Intriguing Beauty and Brains of Freelance Model Pui Yi!

It’s not an everyday kind of a statement that you get to say you’ve met a model who’s known for her brains and beauty on the same capacity but I’m glad I’m able to say that as we The Coverage recently landed an opportunity to interview this one of a kind individual known non-other as Pui Yi as our Coverage’s Monthly Campus Babe Pui Yi is probably most well-known for being the model with an outstanding SPM result when she was still in high school – even she would acknowledge that when she introduced herself to us. However, she has grown well out of that stage is now pursuing a professional career in modelling whilst studying hard for a degree. _dsc8623 I think what makes Pui Yi stand out so much in terms of first impression is that she’s incredibly humble, intelligent and moreover polite. It’s the kind of people I see and instantly know she isn’t just incredibly beautiful on her appearance but in her character as well. When she introduced herself, she thanked us so much for the opportunity that we provided her. I was instantly impressed as not many models nowadays do that; in a way of thanking the interviewers on the spot. It comes to show that she’s a person with gratitude and she doesn’t take opportunities lightly. Pui Yi was born and raised up in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur for most of her childhood years but later moved to Georgetown, Penang when she was only ten years of age. Her childhood years were described as wonderfully showered with love as she lived harmoniously with her friends and family. _dsc8632 However, things didn’t stay the same as there was a shift in tone when she entered into high school. Pui Yi described to us the amount of bullying she received was due to the fact that she was part of the minority group and that there was always a constant surge of discrimination towards her ambitions to be a model. Though going through that rough patch in life, she persisted through the discrimination and criticism thrown against her as she believed in the saying that “kindness runs the world and if you are good, good things come to you.” Now passed that rough stage in life, she’s currently going strong, hard and well off in her college years. Pui Yi is now currently pursuing an American Transfer Degree Programme or ADP as some of us call it, majoring in Global Business. When asked why she why she picked out that course in particular, she took firmly replied her answer to us.

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_dsc8634 She stated, “I went to survey a few colleges and universities around and I found this course intriguing because it would allow me pursue a better education without studying abroad. Plus, the key element of the programme is to make me a better decision maker and an exceptional team player.” “It makes me to step out from my comfort zone and be more outspoken and confident about myself. In overall, I decided to challenge myself in achieving new self-enhancement goals and that’s why I choose this programme. I’m currently entering the 3rd semester of freshman year and it is really fun, never regret a bit about my choice.” Pui Yi added. _dsc8631 It was rather interesting to see how she went through multiple layers of decision making before landing herself into the course, especially when she mentioned about how the course would allow her to improve herself in terms of soft skills and knowledge. We also asked her how the course prepared her for the career she intends to pursue and was it effective, she replied saying, “I learnt how to be more responsible and in addition to that, I’ve grown to think more critically about the choices I intend to make too.” _dsc8676 The challenges she has faced has also been much more easier to overcome ever since she started attaining these skills from her programme too, stating that the feeling that she would receive whenever learning something is beyond satisfying,  pointing out that knowledge is beyond priceless. However, struggles do come along once in a while as she mentioned that currently she needs the ability to juggle between priorities such as families, friends, and studies and also her career in modelling.
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“It is not easy to stay under the pressure of meeting the expectations I want in my study grades and the duties I need to complete such as constant assignments, presentations, quizzes, tests and my scholarships.” Pui Yi stated while later adding that she’s still in the process and balancing everything. _dsc8691 On a lighter tone of the interview, she mentioned that one of the best parts about her course is that you’re given the opportunity to talk about your career and college path with amazing professors while having many practical skill application sessions from time to time in class such as presentations and group activities. Like she expressed earlier on, the skills that you obtain is probably one of the most important aspects of the college experience, she stated, “It changes the way the look in life and the importance of building yourself. Apart from that, I believe that I have a much healthier lifestyle now, mentally and psychically ever since joining the course.” _dsc8694 Curious on how her current career path as model was coming along, we asked how has becoming a professional model ever since helped prepare her. She stated that it has built her self-esteem level a lot whilst providing a great platform for her to showcase herself. All the experience are not taken lightly as she believes that it helps you appreciate the littlest things from your parents and how grateful we should all be for them. Speaking of parents, Pui Yi has also stated that she picked up many of her great characteristics from her mother who is described by many as a strong and great independent woman. “I learned from her not to waste a single minute I could have to achieve in something or finish what I want to do than laying on the couch. I make sure I am on the track and there are improvements from time to time.” _dsc8701 It’s something that she has learned from her mother and would now like to pass down to young readers out there as well. She mentioned that she would urge every single one of our readers out there to never give up in chasing their dreams.
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“If you love it, do it. Screw those people who point their fingers at you and laugh at you. You do you, under one condition, achieve great things that bring honor to you and your family”. Just like Pui Yi who was once criticized for her career path choice, she never gave up and look where she is today. _dsc8654 One of Pui Yi’s dreams is to become an angel on the Victoria Secret runway but she knows she could go beyond that and do better if she puts her mind to it. She currently wants to complete her education and be a social influencer and figure. “There are things that I would love to share with all my supporters out there. I want to bring joys to those whom I love and tell them that they are worth it. Do not waste your time with negativity too. I’m currently seeking for an opportunity for me to open up this new pathway.” “I want to be someone who makes you ‘wow’ not only because of the pictures, but of what I say as well. Moreover, I am currently planning to attend events or starting up some beauty tips as well.” _dsc8640 When asked how she intends to fulfill these dreams, she replied clearly and firmly by saying, “I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I’ll do it and achieve it as a strong and independent woman. I just want to make my parents proud and provide them the good life that they have once provided me. It was an extremely pleasant time meeting and interviewing Pui Yi, each minute and each reply I got with her was just somewhat intriguing especially when it came to getting to know an individual like Pui Yi. We at The Coverage would like to thank Pui Yi for such an amazing time and we would like to wish you all the best in your career and studies! We would also like to thank BKL Photography for the photos and Elitez Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Academy for allowing to shoot at their premise. Cheers!

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