The Coverage's January 2018 Pick – International Model, Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen came to Malaysia last year as an accomplished brand ambassador in Guangzhou China, but little did she expect, that she will be walking away as the 1st Runner-Up of the inaugural Miss CosmoWorld 2017, the most prestigious beauty pageant ever organized in Malaysia. 30 girls from 20 countries competed for the title which was eventually won by Miss Thailand (stay tuned ~ we have the exclusive feature on Miss Thailand next month). Michelle started competing in beauty pageant in China four years ago, and has since then won multiple titles which includes the Miss International Tourism China Bikini, Miss Tourism Queen International Guangdong Miss Beautiful Body as well a Top 50 finish in Miss Asia China and a Top 10 finish for Miss International Model Guangzhou. She is a full time celebrity ambassador model in China and is a person who loves the stage. Michelle was born on January 1 in Guangzhou, China and the 24-year old lass loves singing, dancing, swimming and playing the piano. She lives by the motto of life is a never ending journey ~ each day is a new experience, a new lesson. Michelle is too a very passionate person, especially for her dreams, and she is one that has tenacity to make her dreams come true. She hopes her life story can be an influence to others to have that passion and tenacity in life so that they can achieve what their heart sets out to. When asked about her future, she said she has faith that God has her life planned out and she trust him completely.

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“I have faith that God has his plan for me and in him I trust”

Good news for the guys out there is the Michelle is still single and when asked what is she looking for in a man that would be attractive to her, her answer was “I want a mature man, kind, responsible, and someone who would be the sunshine of my life”. So any of you guys meet the criteria above? If you do, you might want to follow Michelle on her IG account. We definitely wish Michelle all the best as she continues her journey back in China and we are certain to see more of Michelle on posters, music videos, movies and etc., not only in China and around the world. Photography by Chee Chung and Jawsus Cheng of JW Production. Special thanks to Endless Momentum Motorsports, a leader in after-market performance parts for exotic supercar for the beautiful McLaren 570S. Special thanks also to Philea MINES Beach Resort, the leading wellness resort in the Klang Valley with the beautiful manicured lawn and beach front as one of the location for our shoot. Special thanks to Carrie Lee, the owner of the prestigious Miss CosmoWorld for bringing in her models for our feature (coming up next month will be the Winner of Miss CosmoWorld 2017 – Miss Thailand)

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