The Coverage's June Campus Babe: The Amazing and Adorable freelance model, Carrera Ng!

“Isn’t she lovely?” as I thought to myself after we at The Coverage had managed to secure an opportunity to interview the ever so lovely Carrera Ng. Carrera stands out among the rest in the industry as we rarely ever find such an amazing bright and beautiful individual like herself to interview and spend time with.


Just having to recently win first place victoriously from the Miss MKK Scott Garden Motor Show 2016. Carrera competed hard and strong against 12 other talented models like her from all walks of life for two days straight. The 19-year-old freelance model’s perseverance paid off by the end of the day after she was crowned the winner from the judges as well as the crowd favorite.

It was no surprise as to why she had won, her bubbly personality alongside her extraordinary talent in modelling had raised her to the top in competition while be it a unanimous choice among the judges. This was later witness by us when we had scored a one-on-one interview with her.


Born and raised in the hustling city of Kuala Lumpur, this 19-year-old freelance model didn’t just start from nowhere as she had revealed to us that ever since the age of 16 she had prepared herself through training courses and practices.

Carrera stated, “I started freelance modeling since the age of 16, ever since I’ve been learning and gaining experiences to prepare myself to do better. I know a lot of people are unfamiliar with me but that’s alright, I feel like the most important thing for me right now is to learn and gain self-confidence to better up myself.”


“When I’m better and much more confident in what I cane do, people will then know who I am, I’ll be able to stand and shine among everyone else.” she said, later adding that, “I want people to know me for the goals that I’ve achieved.”

It was interesting to listen to her humble response, however, we were curious to her roots and we asked how was it like growing up. She giggled as she recalled nostalgic memories and said that most of her childhood was spent with her sister, it was as if both of them were best friends even though she was her older sister.


However, she later added that growing up at the age she’s in right now isn’t necessarily ‘challenging’ she would say. Carrera stated, “I think the word isn’t challenging. Working as a freelance model is actually pretty exciting.”

“I get to expand my network by meeting new people and models all around KL.” she later giggled to her cheeky statement saying “I get to meet pretty girls too.” Additionally, she mentioned that meeting these people allowed her gain self-confidence in what she does, moreover be inspired to go further in life in achieving he goals.


Just like every other ordinary teenager and model, she finished her secondary education in SMK Sri Sentosa to only later take up and graduate from beauty and make-up course at the Sub International School of Beauty and Make-up.

Carrera commented, “I learned a lot from my course, moreover enjoyed it a lot. The teachers there are amazing and the people there are friendly as well. The most important takeaway from the course was that I managed to make a lot of friends while be in pursue in something I’m passionate at.”


When asked to comment about what inspired her, she stated that the other models in the industry had really pushed her into pursuing her dreams. She stated, “When I was younger, I really wanted to do modeling and be a model but the sad truth was that due to my height, I wasn’t eligible to catwalk on some of the stages.”

Her height didn’t stop Carrera’s stong willpower as she continued on to say, “Height doesn’t really matter in my opinion. I would say if you put your mind and soul to it, anything is possible and overcoming any obstacles wouldn’t be a problem as well.”


So many talented individuals also inspire Carrera as well that she’s unable to name. She stated that many of these people are well known for what they do in their field because of their likable attitude. Carrera stated that the two most important characteristics in a person is to be humble and approachable at all times. “I think that’s a very inspiring characteristic in people who I look up to.” she added.

Though with all the success that she has been receiving lately, Carrera stated that she couldn’t have done it without the family and friend’s support throughout her jouney. She stated that her friends and family are the most important thing to her in life and that she would always cherish them no matter what.


“They are extremely supportive of me and what I do. Especially my mother, she’s also my biggest inspiration because she’s so proud of my achievements.”

After a long day, we come to an end of this cheerful interview with such a joyful individual. We can’t help but ask what could we expect from her in the future; maybe in 10 to 20 years from now.

She smiled with such friendliness and replied saying that she’d definitely wouldn’t be freelancing as a model anymore but she would definitely want to do something in advertising or in something similar to magazines.


Carrera even expressed interest in opening up an academy of hers for beauty and make-up. Similar to when she had begun her freelance modelling career. She stated that it’s important to give back to those who would want to pursue a similar dream as she did; she would like to then help others achieve their dreams.

As time runs short, it was a pleasant day to meet up with such a bright individual. We at The Coverage wish nothing but the best for her and that only time will tell of her upcoming success in the industry. We hope you enjoyed the article featuring the ever so lovely Carrera Ng and do check her out more in the links below. Cheers!


Carrera’s Facebook – Link

Carrera’s Instagram – Link 

Photography by: The BKL Photography

Hair-do by: GMA Hair Studio

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