The Coverage's June Pick: Jolie Wan, Cheerful and Sunshine Girl!

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Q1. Please introduce yourself?

My name is Jolie Wan, 21 this year. I’m a very cheerful girl who loves to express myself using words. I came from a small town Setiawan, Perak. In order to pursue my studies in college, I came to Kuala Lumpur. Recently I just finished my Diploma in Mass Communication. Currently working in The Coverage Bureau Media as a Vice Chief Editor.

Q2. Before you step into this industry, what is your previous field?

To be honest, this is my first official job, before this I worked as an internship in an advertising company. Before this, I’ve heard rumors about how bosses bullied internship students, hence I’m very grateful that I found a very good company for my internship. My superior was very kind, giving me chances to learn things, and taught me patiently. After the 3 months internship, I went back to college to finish my last semester. Even though I wasn’t able to continue working in that company, however I’ve been keeping in touch with my colleagues, in fact I miss them a lot! I’m also very grateful that my current job is related with the course I took, hence I enjoy every moment of my job. jolie-wan-5 jolie-111

Q3. Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?

Our characteristic was shaped through times, no one was born with particular characteristic. Families and friends played a very important role in my life, of course our surrounding and friends influenced us as well. It shaped my optimism and easy-going characteristic. Many has the dream to earn money or become someone great in certain industry, but my dreams are: slim down, earn money, get married, go around the world. Travel around the world is my biggest dream! Money is important, however it can only fulfill our basic needs. Seeing beautiful world could fulfill our inner heart. The world is huge, human is so tiny. Fill our inner heart with world, this can’t be done with money or status.
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Q4. If you have to choose an animal to represent yourself, which one will you choose?

Hmmm, if I have to choose an animal to represent myself, that would be peacock! Looks proud and cold on the outside, yet kind and warm on the inside. Cold outer appearance, warm heart, stubborn but yet soft heart, this is my greatest weakness. It always make people think that it’s hard to approach me, but to tell you the truth, I’m a very friendly person! Haha! jolie-wan-10 jolie-wan-8

Q5. What are the most important things in life?

I think having hobbies is the most important thing in life, only when you love something and work hard for it, that makes our life more interesting, ain’t it? Of course, going through hardship is a must, but why? Because every hardship that we gone through will be helpful in the future. The sweetest things are always found in hardships. Lastly, the most important thing is to smile everyday, put happiness in us! That would warm up people around us as well.

Q6. How did you end up working in The Coverage?

It all started when my friend introduced me into the company, from a part time writer all the way becoming the Vice Chief Editor. Of course, writing articles has become a part of my daily routine. I’ve loved writing since I was in secondary school, writing essay is my favorite paper in exams! Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this job, now it gave me the opportunity to write my stories using words! jolie-wan-9 jolie-12
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 Q7. How do you determine a person’s success and failure?

How to determine someone’s success? Status, education, finance? These are just the result of success, however it varies as we go grow older. Many were not able to be what they want to be, pressured by the society. If a person was to say “Right now I’m living the life that I want”, then I think this is what we call as success. No one can ever criticize the life of one person, because we don’t know what they’ve gone through. Therefore, happiness is the most important thing in one’s life! jolie-wan-18 jolie-17

Q8. Your hobbies?

Other than work, eating is my greatest hobby of all! No one can ever stop me from eating. Like all the other girls, I kept saying “I want to diet!”, but it was ever done. Haha! Hence, if there were food critic job, I would take them up happily, because if I can work on what I love, that would be the best life I can ever have! [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

“Without dreams life would be meaningless. There are always things that make us want to give up on dreams, however to live a happy life, is a successful life!” Jolie Wan.

Jolie Wan’s Instagram: Joliewann Jolie Wan’s Facebook: Wan Jolie  Jolie Wan’s Facebook Page: Jolie Wan 碧绫   Special thanks to: Hairstyle:GMA  Hair Studio -Ben Lim Photographer & Videographer: Alfred Lee (photo) / Kurosaki Ichini Edi (video)  

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