The Coverage’s November Pick: Joleen Heng – A Rising Star DJ And Model!!!

After finishing her diploma education in MASCOM, Joleen was trained under Voize. This DJ has been able to make wonders now thanks to her previous failures that had taught her profound lessons. She admits that, though her family and friends are there to support her but they can only do so much as it is her own actions that would determine her life path. 6e5509fd-1ebf-48e7-8fd2-55194ea8cc75 Joleen who is very close to her family members aspires to be like her mother, who she sees as a ‘glue’ that keeps the family together –  a strong support system. When asked which animal would perfectly describe her, she said she resembles a cat as she is quite independent yet is an affectionate person. Sensual – Graceful – Self-assured. e3b749fa-0bbb-4425-8113-dd45c47910b0 This cheerful, friendly and confident woman loves to think that family is as important as the air we breathe.

“Family stay with you no matter what the situation is.”
She hopes that in 10-20 years from now she would still be able to continue her duties as a filial daughter to her parents and get to travel the world with her loved ones. e126dec9-2e77-45be-8142-2ea452cf4cd3 Her undying love for music and the thrill to be performing on stage was the key factor of her dreams in pursuing DJ-ing. But she still stays realistic, as she realises it’s not always a flowery path of life as she has to accept good and bad comments from the public. Joleen believes that her greatest career breakthrough happened when she was able to make it big in the industry after making this DJ line a prominent part of her life.
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eac74b19-81a9-44d0-b284-f87c5fe163e5 Of course, big dreams comes with big sacrifices, and for her, it was spending lesser time with her family. This beautiful DJ is definitely a go-getter. She is the kind of girl that sets her eyes on a goal and works hard for it without backing down. For her successful people means people who have big dreams, are confident with themselves and possesses a good character. And yes, she does consider herself as a successful person! Well, we think so too babe!! “Enjoy your youth, you’ll never be younger than you are at this moment!” 2b0e9991-d1d3-4c58-ae1a-fa139048abcf BONUS!!! Hobbies: Mixing songs and practising flying yoga Interests: Music. Duh, obviously! Guilty Pleasure: Spicy food!!!!! Especially Thai BBQ Dreams: To eat without getting fat. I think most of us can relate to you, babe.   Want to catch a glimpse of DJ Joleen doing her thing?! Then come on down and party with us at The Coverage Awards Night that will be happening on the 14th of December 2016 at The [email protected]

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