The Coverage's September Pick: Abby Teoh, Successful Career Woman At The Age of 21!

Ms. Abby Teoh Hui Qin, a very successful lady at the age of 21! She was born in Johor. At the age of 13, she moved to Klang and finished her secondary school there. After finished secondary school, she had no intention to further study, reason being she’s not good in studies. Her parents were very understanding. They didn’t force her to attend university, instead they let her choose what she wants for her life. And that’s when she decided that she wants to work!14518288_10157456893020573_1560433195_n 14508681_10157456898315573_1246535021_n

“Experience is much more important than study.”

At the age of 19, she starts working in a property company. It was a listed company. When she first got in, she has zero experience with her, and she even get bullied by the other colleagues! Not only they didn’t help her, but they even tried to step on her! It was a hard road for her. During the first 3 months, there’s no property project. Even though it was stressful, but she remind herself to be strong and hold on to it.

“I swear to myself that I will become the TOP seller once there’s a new project!”

14542665_10157456898075573_684710552_n 14518327_10157456898320573_1992861916_n After 2 to 3 months time, her hard work finally pays off! She succeeded in selling RM 50,000 and became the TOP seller for the new project! She achieved her goals and she was able to show the others that she can do it!

“Time is precious, everyone should fight for what they wants, should not get afraid of fall down because we’re young and we will able to stand up again no matter how many times we get failed.”

“If you are a fresh graduate from secondary school and confused with making decision between working and study, you better think twice, if you think you are study material then obviously you suppose to continue your study, yet, if you’re not then please choose to gain working experience.”


“As for me, I am not very good in study thus i choose for work and gain working experience, even afterwards i want to choose to upgrade myself with study college/uni also not a problem, the most importantly is choose which the life you wants.”

During her school days, she is an hyperactive girl! She joined all sorts of sport activities in school. She also learnt dances such as Latin, Modern dance and ballet (since 5 years old). That’s not all! Other than sports and dances, she also can play Guzheng and Piano! Now, is there anything that she don’t know…?
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14528308_10157456898360573_495536224_n She is really talented in music! Whenever she sees a song, she just need to practice 1 to 2 times and that’s all. She can finish the whole song within such a short time! She is a very fast learner. There’s nothing that she can’t do. Other than playing music, she also take part in dance performances. There’s nothing that she can’t do. Abby described herself as playful, talkative, and lazy. Overall, she’s a very positive and cheerful girl! However, she did mention that her attitude during work is totally different from her usual self. She is very serious in her work. When she wants something, she makes sure that she achieve it, no matter how hard it is. For example, Abby loves shopping, and she spent a lot of money in buying stuffs. Hence, she set a goal to herself to earn more money, in order to satisfy her shopping desire. Ever since she started working, she never asked pocket money from her parents anymore. 14542678_10157456892230573_1020078876_n We were really surprised to find out that this beautiful lady, has no boyfriend?? When asked what’s her ideal type of boyfriend, she said

“Self-motivated, I need someone who is stronger than me”

“Taller than me! (I’m very tall).”

“Someone who can take good care of my family members, love my family as much as he love me.”

“Good in time management (I hate being late)”


3 things that she feels good about herself?

Her positivism, tolerance and kindness. She often visit orphanage whenever she has free time. She also love helping elderly whenever they see them in need of help.
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3 things that she don’t like about herself?

You will find this funny. She wastes food, she’s picky about food, and she hates her laziness! There are times when she was so lazy that she loves to command others to work~ Abby however has a very high expectation towards herself. She said in 10 years time, she will be very successful in her career, way more successful than now! She’s definitely the inspiration to her the young people out there!

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