Covid 10 : Message From A Doctor In A Penang Hospital – Malaysians Are Selfish & Third Class Mentality Citizens

Uncle aunty, why are you so stubborn and kiasu? Stay at home means stay at home. Cannot eat out means cannot eat out. Why must you be so stubborn? Why?

When government say stay at home, you don’t listen. You say government ma fan.

But when you kena Covid-19 how? Also salah government.

Coronavirus situation at Sungai Buloh Hospital. Starpic by Kamarul Ariffin /The Star/14022020

Why make life difficult for everyone? Why?

I really disappointed with Malaysian when I saw the videos showing there is still many people gather around and go to crowded places like celebrating New year. This 14days is to quarentine not go home visit friends, gathering. Ignorant makes u sick. Don’t think that Covid19 is just like flu or influenza. U guys know how many families brokedown here in China? Some of them 4members of the family infected, only 1came back. Some whole family don’t come back. U still having fun around. This is real stupid and ignorant

Message from a Doctor in a Penang Hospital

There is no medication for this virus, unfortunately. To tell you the truth, we doctors in the hospital are already panicking. System is already stretched to the maximum. All operation are cancelled, so what if you have cancer awaiting to do surgery.

Figures reported in the news and by the government are not the same. In penang, we have three wards full of patients with COVID 19, but how many do they report in the news?

Our new patient today is a newborn, just born yesterday by a mother who is COVID positive. This is just a one day old baby, tested positive. This baby’s father went to Sri Petaling tabligh.

In hospital, we are fighting a huge huge disaster. My friends are sent to fight & take care of these coronavirus patients. They are my good friends, but now I have to accept the fact that they could die anytime if they are not careful at all time.

In Malaysia government hospital, we don’t have enough ICU, not enough testing kits. But yet, we see so many Malaysians who do not take the advise, going out of their house for unnecessary activities. No private hospital will accept coronovirus patient. So what even if you have medical insurance.

Not enough testing kits in government hospital. So what if you have low fever and some cough. We don’t have enough lab test, we will ask you to do self quarantine and come back when you are more sick.

We are not like China, they will straight away do CT scan for all symptomatic patients hence they can detect it much earlier and therefore mortality is low.

Modern countries like Italy, France, Spain and America couldn’t even contain the disease, so how are we better than them in preparing for this disease when they impose total lockdown, and we only impose Perintah Pergerakan.

This virus will survive outside our body for 48-72 hours. Meaning if anybody positive sneeze or cough, this virus will remain in the air for the next three days. If everybody follow order and the law, quarantine at home for two weeks, the virus will have no host (no human body to attach to), they will die eventually after two to three days. But if there is always outing, dining, shopping, there is always a new human body it will go to and continue to live and continue to spread.

这场疫情之后, 留下来的不是最壮最 健康 的, 而是 听话的, 有公民意识的, 爱惜生命的人,

我们已经在用生命帮你们打这场战争了, 请待在家里. #COVID19Awareness

Source : Yuen Teng

Malays, Chinese, Indians. Sama sama bodoh queueing up to fill up forms to balik kampung. You thought this is a Kempen Bawa Covid-19 Ke Kampung or what???

This is not a holiday asking you to balik kampung!
This is not Chinese New Year!
This is not Hari Raya!
This is not Deepavali!
This is not Christmas!

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The whole idea for a restricted movement is to restrict you where you are now so that the spread of the Covid-19 is limited and the authorities can trace and isolate it. It is to break the chain of spread.

If you are from Sarawak but work in KL, just stay in your rented place in KL for 14 days.

If you are from Johor but study in Selangor, just stay in your rented place in Selangor for 14 days.

If you are from Kelantan but visiting a relative in Klang Valley, just stay in your rented place in Klang Valley for 14 days.

The form is for EXCEPTIONAL cases like if you have a proven patient you need to take care of, you are a doctor traveling inter-state, you are a vegetable transporter. It is for those who need to travel and must travel to save lives and reduce deaths like doctors or vegetable transporters because if these people don’t move, people will die.

It is NOT for people to suka suka apply to balik kampung lah bodoh!

If your purpose of filling up the form does not involve lives, you should not be there! How to know? If you just saja-saja want to balik kampung, then your presence does not involve lives. You tak balik pun orang takkan mati! So you shouldn’t be filling up the form!

What are you unnecessary people trying to achieve? Are you trying to be so selfish to make the Kempen Bawa Covid 19 Ke Kampung a success?!

This is why Malaysia is always behind. The problem is not only the government. The problem goes all the way to the third class mentality citizens like this. The government may not be good at crisis management, but tell me which government in the world is perfect at that? None.

It is times like this citizens have to cooperate and play our part, regardless of whether you are a PH or PN supporter. Covid 19 kills everyone regardless of whether you are PH or PN or whatsoever! You cannot be selfish, try to bend the rules, try to defy public order, and then blame the government for everything. You should have just stayed put and stay where you are for 14 days!

Source : Najib Razak Must Go

Now, some of you asked me why is this COVID19 so dangerous?

First of all, I’m not a doctor nor scientist but I can tell you guys what I learn from the information that China government gave us. It is a RNA type of virus not DNA type. It is unstable and it evolve easily. The virus is very cunning, disguise or even our immune system don’t even know there were hiding in our lungs’ cell and they started to infect the rest of our lungs’ cell.

This will be the incubation period. Our respiratory tract started to have some fluid and varia. When it started to attack our lungs, then we have cell factor, immune system started to react, fever, cough and those symptoms that I mentioned up there will appear. Our immune cell started to fight back but they kill the virus and also our own cells.

Our lungs is also hurt in the war of virus vs immune cells. Lungs’ blood vessels started to bleed then you will feel like very hard to breath in then became respiratory failure. After lungs, the virus came to our Liver, Liver started to fight then became inflammation storm. Liver failure. Now virus goes to Kidney and kidney failure, last heart and stomach and people died.

Everyone stay at home for self quarantine for at least 14days. As far as we know the COVID19 longest incubation period is 28days. Which means, some people infected without any symptoms got fever after 28days(we called them “superspreader”). They thought they are normal and they dint wear any facemask. When they talking to you, you will have risk of infection. Most of those who infected will have symptoms in 3-5days.

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1) DROPLET (when we breath, speak, cough, sneeze, droplet came our from our nose and mouth. COVID19 virus will stay in human’s breath systems, nose, lungs, saliva of the Infected person. When they talk to you without facemask, infection is DONE IN 15 SECONDS. That is why we all wear facemask in CHINA no matter you are infected or not. The most scary part is those SUPERSPREADER. They dint have any symptoms and they thought they are okay, and when you talk to them, or stay next to them, you STRIKE THE JACKPOT)

2) TOUCH (Some people wear facemask and yet they still get infected because they touch their EYES, NOSE, or MOUTH AFTER THEY TOUCH doorlocks, phones, or someone passed you something or you touch things in public area. We didn’t know is there some infected person touch those things before you touch it.

3) AEROSOL (We found out from the government news in China that some infected peoples’ shit contained COVID19 virus and somehow the COVID19 will spread with AEROSOLS in the toilet and drains just like what happened in HONGKONG in 2003, 300 person infected in the whole block of condo)


1) Wear facemask whenever you go out and don’t go to crowded places.
2) Always wash your hand with 75% ALCOHOL DISINFECTANT or SOAP BAR for 20seconds then wash with water.
3) Don’t touch your nose, eyes, mouth, eat something, or even smoking before washing your hands.
4) Drink some water every 15minutes.
5) Sleep early and keep workout training to keep healthy. We need normal body immunity, not too strong or weak.
6) Please close your toilet lid in your house after using it. Block the floor drain and the sink drain by using a plastic bag with water.
7) Cook at home. Don’t eat outside food or delivery food.

SEQUELAE after recovery from COVID19

1) Bad lungs
2) For guys, your testicle will have problems and your sexual performance will be ……..
3) Some heart, brain problems. So far, there is still a lot of knowledge we haven understand from this virus yet.

Well, what I can say is China did a very good job in stopping the epidemic here and China is the safest place in the world now, so don’t worry about me. I’m healthy over here. Today China Lab came out with a testing vaccine. Hopefully can be mass production on Sept 2020.

I am worried about the pandemic in SEA and Europe. It seems so many people don’t really care about their life. Most of the people still so ignorant. Hey people, this is not a flu or influenza. This is a killer virus which is very dangerous. Take it serious OK? This 14days is not happy holiday. The government not asking you to go out for gathering, shopping, walking around. Stay at home for self quarantine.

This is our responsibility for our friends and families, or even the responsibility for the whole nation. If you care about your life, your families, please stay at home.

I don’t want to see any of my friends and family die from COVID 19, so I urge everyone of you to take it seriously. Don’t be ignorant. Stay healthy my brothers and sisters. Take good care. Stay Strong!!!

“Balik Kampung” Exodus of Thousands From The Cities Is Helping To Spread The Coronavirus Pandemic Even Faster – From City To Hometown


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That’s the problem. You must have go to certain public places, unavoidably.

And I am sure you can’t confirm that everyone you have contacted is not infected.

Balance the risk and return before you decide.

When the Chinese Government announced the lockdown of WuHan on 22 January 2020, there were reportedly 5 million of people who had escaped from the city before the quarantine, leading to the global outbreak of coronavirus and the drastic increase of cases throughout all the provinces of China.

I can still remember when the coronavirus cases and death polls of China were kept climbing, whenever there was/ were Chinese people being detected abroad, Malaysians left negative comments with absolute hostility everywhere:

“Damn you WuHan, dun make everyone dies.”
“Nowadays Chinese people are so selfish.”
“Eh you know you got virus then dun come out la, bringing the world into trouble.”
“Why all these people so uncivilised one? Die yourself enough la!”
“Walao why still got Chinese people entering Malaysia? Impose China Ban pls!”
“Nah die also wan pull others together, these are Chinese people lo.”

Let’s see what is happening in Malaysia after the Malaysian Government called for a movement restriction since last night.

Everyone is rushing home; buying tickets or driving cars; taking payable leaves and going back to hometown for holidays.

This makes me to reconsider the unveiled purpose of Malaysians asking for national lockdown two days ago: to prevent vast expansion of infection or to get extra holidays?

If you are still blur with what’s happening, I am telling you that you are doing exactly what WuHan’s people did two months ago.

You are repeating the act that you’ve strongly condemned on.

This measure is taken by the government to minimise the possibility of infection, and what you’re doing now is maximising the possibility of infection.

I understand that you miss your family and your hometown, but please be aware that it’s not a holiday and understand the risk that you are taking.

An infected person does not necessary know his condition, since COVID-19 has 14 days incumbent period. It has been reported that COVID-19 is mostly spread by undetected person.

There is no fault for being infected; but it’s your fault to contact with more and more people, KNOWINGLY that you might have the chance to be infected.

No one is 100% safe since anyone can be diagnosed without any syndrome. Stay where you are and that’s the best way to mitigate the harm.

You love your family, but please don’t love them in a dangerous way. I see no point gathering at home and quarantining together, bringing uncertainties back to a safe place.

You may refer to Wikipedia, BBC News, CNN News, The Star Online or whatever News Media to understand how devastating the outcome can be.

Alright it’s not “can be”, the consequence is proved to be disastrous, after looking into China’s situation.

Additionally, to be honest, do you think Malaysia can cope with this dilemma like how China did?

Come on, everyone wants this to be over as fast as possible. Our schedules are ruined, our arrangements are messed. But your act is certainly getting the situation worse and endless.

You are not only putting yourself and your family at risk, but also the entire nation.

It all starts with your tiny action.




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