Crime Syndicate in China Turns Prostitutes into Celebrities to Make Millions

Crime syndicates in China reported to have made millions by turning prostitutes into celebrities

Crime syndicates in China have given modern-day prostitution an unexpected twist.

According to CCTVNews, the crime syndicates used social media platforms, WeChat and Weibo (China’s equivalent of Facebook), to advertise the prostitutes they recruited and promote them as celebrities.

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The syndicates achieve this by securing falsified identity cards to get around the strict pornography and prostitution laws in China, reports the daily.

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One of the prostitutes, Qiao Shengyi, posed as a well-known beauty queen.

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Though she is perceived to be a well-known model, news coverage and ‘exclusive’ interviews of her are reportedly fabricated by the syndicates to fully complete her profile, making her font as a beauty-queen more believable.

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Internet-based prostitution operations are easier to operate and are more difficult for authorities to trace when compared to the conventional prostitution operation of syndicates, according to CCTVNews. As a direct result of the evasiveness and protection of the difficulty in tracking of the interweb, many sex workers end up earning millions upon millions of dollars and live lavishly.

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It has also been reported that some sex workers underwent expensive plastic surgeries in order to look like movie stars. The surgery is said to be able to ‘increase’ the amounts the sex workers could charge ten folds, depending on their beauty, reported CCTVNews.

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However, after a long period of living care-free in the high life, the online vice ring was busted by the Shenzhen police late last year in a high-profile case, and all parties involved in the ‘advanced’ modern-day prostitution ring were arrested and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, China’s Ministry of Public Security has stepped up their efforts to bring down these online syndicate rings since then, by initiating two national operations- which have seen the apprehension and arrest of 103 suspects so far.

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