Criticism Snowballs For Pakatan Harapan Amanah Over Hulu Langat MP Ustaz Hasanuddin Ski Holiday While Floods In Critical & Dangerous Situation In His Area

An Amanah MP has come under fire on social media after uploading a picture of himself apparently on holiday in Iran as his constituency struggles to deal with unprecedented floods back home.

Hundreds of internet users slammed Hulu Langat MP Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus for posting the picture of himself at a height of 5,000 feet above sea level at the Tochal ski resort on Dec 18.

User Muammar Qaddafi said Hasanuddin need not bother coming back to the country.

“Amanah doesn’t need to field him as a candidate anymore either,” he said in the comment section of Hasanuddin’s post.

Facebook user Eddie Jaafar meanwhile wrote: “Don’t worry YB, the people will look after the people, you take care of Kashmir.”

Still others urged the Amanah vice-president to return home immediately to fulfil his responsibilities as an elected representative.

They also expressed disappointment, saying Hasanuddin appeared to be prioritising matters overseas over the voters in his constituency.

Checks by MalaysiaNow showed that Hasanuddin later took the photo down and posted an explanation in its stead.

He said he had made plans to go overseas before the floods hit.

“I am unable to help as I am currently on a mission to Turkey, Pakistan and Tehran for which I was appointed by the Parliament speaker,” he said.

“The invitation from the Parliaments of Pakistan and Iran were made in my capacity as a member of Malaysia’s Parliamentary Friendship Group.”

Hasanuddin said he had met the president and speakers of Azad, Jammu and Kashmir as well as several Pakistan MPs in Islamabad to discuss charity and housing projects for Kashmir refugees.

He said he was also following the flood developments in Hulu Langat and was trying to book the earliest flight home.

“I have instructed the staff at the Hulu Langat parliamentary public service centre to extend aid to those in need,” he said.

“I am also in constant communication with the Civil Defence Department and am trying to book a flight home as quickly as possible.”

Desperate flood victims in Hulu Langat appeal for immediate aid

Flood victims around Taman Sri Nanding, Hulu Langat are appealing for immediate assistance as many are still affected by flooding even as waters begin to recede.

Almost every victim met by Bernama during its check at the flooded areas of Taman Sri Nanding here desperately hoped that the authorities would assist to reduce their burden after they lost most of their possessions in yesterday’s floods.

A flood victim, Faizal Hasaan, 49, said many of them had gone hungry as they did not receive any aid yesterday night.

“Our house has been flooded, how can we cook anything?” he asked when met by a Bernama reporter at the location of the floods today.

He also said that this was the worst flood that had ever hit his birthplace, Taman Sri Nanding.

Another victim, Zakiyuddin Mohd Khalid, 24, said rapidly rising waters made him unable to save any property, including his refrigerator, washing machine and car.

“I was unable to save any of my possessions from my house, I could only escape with my life. I am really hoping that the authorities or non-goverment organisations (NGOs) can reach us and help those of us who have lost our homes,” he added.

Meanwhile, senior citizen Abdul Rafar, 69, whose house was nearly totally submerged, said that they have yet to receive any aid from any party.

“I have not eaten anything since yesterday after my house was flooded. I hope someone from the authorities would help me but till now not a single one has showed up to help,” he added.

Meanwhile, in Jelebu, reporters covering the floods at Kampung Bandar Tinggi, Kuala Klawang spoke to a family of flood victims whose houses were swept away by floods early this morning.

Ibrahim Taib, 62, said that all that was left of both his houses was their foundations, adding that water had begun to rise around 8pm yesterday.

“The flood this time is the worst our entire family has experienced because both my house and my child’s house were swept away. I could only watch and weep,” he told reporters here.

Ibrahim said he and his wife, and children along with two of his grandchildren had moved their belongings to a higher area in the house when they realised water had entered the dwelling.

They then sought shelter at a nearby carwash.

“Everything happened in an instant, after my child told me at 2 am that our houses were gone,” he said, adding that he was now staying with another child at a nearby residential area for the time being. — Bernama

Pray for Hulu Langat, rescuing are still on-going

Rescue efforts by the Fire and Rescue Department and the Malaysian Civil Defense Force are currently underway for victims trapped at various locations in Hulu Langat.

A resident, known as Saripah, said she was worried about the condition of her uncle who was still trapped.

“He was trapped since yesterday. I was worried when I called him just now. He said he was cold and hungry but there are no food.

“The water rose to the roof so he was trapped. He is just waiting for people to rescue him,” she said.

It was understood that many are still trapped, while authorities including the police, fire department, Civil Defense Force, Rela and several local agencies were coming up with rescue plans.

Several victims were also seen being transferred into ambulance and rushed to a nearby treatment centre to receive medical treatments.

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