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Cruel Man Attempt To Kill Neighbor’s Dog With Poison-Coated Chicken Slices

I’d love to tap into the minds of these cruel people who kill neighbors’ pets with poisoned meat regardless if they’re cats or dogs. I want to know what goes through their mind and what led them to this decision.

Did they not think that our pets are dear to us that is why we kept them with us? Was it necessary to put the animal down because you don’t like it? Even if the pet is yours, you shouldn’t be poisoning them. What kind of human being are you to have no sympathy?

Just yesterday, August 10, a video surfaced the internet of a cruel neighbor attempting to kill a family German Shepherd. Rachael Chin uploaded the video on a Facebook post or the whole ordeal, although the man’s face cannot be seen, they know where he’s living for sure.

The cruel man can be seen pacing back and forth in the CCTV surveillance footage before he threw in two pieces of meat into the car porch where the German Shepherd was resting.

Luckily the dog was on a leash and couldn’t reach for the meat if not, the dog would’ve been a goner. Rachael sent out a message to Subang residents,

“Friends from USJ Subang (especially from USJ 11/3B) please beware of such scary neighbours.”

The family will lodge a police report today, hopefully, this man will get some sort of punishment for his actions.

I know most of the time these people who poison pets, or animals, in general, are non-animal lovers. It is okay if you don’t love animals, but you have to understand, pets are like our babies and our children. When you poison them, you kill their child. Would you like it if someone poisons your child?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see your child getting killed slowly by poison, so don’t do it to others. If you can’t stand the dog’s bark or your neighbor’s cat lounging in your car porch, then just talk to your neighbor about it, tell them to do something about it like a decent human being.

Have a look at the CCTV surveillance footage below, and let us know what you think.

(Source: Facebook)

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