Daily Mail : Miss Moscow Who Allegedly Married Malaysian King Has Travelled To German Fertility Clinic – Prepare To Have Children

‘Oksana is a model. She worked a lot abroad, so an encounter of such a level is quite predictable,’ she said. ‘She met Muhammad 18 months ago in Europe. ‘Oksana worked at a watch display and she was standing by a poster and advertising the goods.’ She added: ‘Oksana’s parents were present at the wedding, they support their daughter in everything.’ The wedding was alcohol free and all food was halal. The king was dressed in Malaysian national clothes, and the bride wore a white wedding dress. She took the Muslim name Rihana and a picture of her in a hijab was posted on Twitter. One message read: ‘The people are grateful and proud to receive Queen Agong. Long live the king!’ Malaysian news portal said that the former beauty queen converted to Islam on April 16, 2018. Little is known about Voevodina apart from her victory in the Miss Moscow contest three years ago when her vital statistics were given as 33-23-35. She is believed to be a graduate from the Faculty of Business at the elite Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. It is unclear if she has been married before since she has used the surname Voevodina during her glamour career – but is now evidently reverting to her father’s surname Gorbatenko. Source : Daily Mail UK

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10 Facts About Russian Beauty Queen Oksana Voevodina That Allegedly Marries Malaysia King – Queen of Malaysia

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