DAP & AMANAH Wants Anwar To Step Down After Malacca Polls : If Anwar Never Step Down – The DAP Leadership Will Consider Quitting The Coalition & Look For Other Cooperation

AP rep wants Anwar to step down after Malacca polls

A DAP lawmaker has urged Anwar Ibrahim to step down as the opposition leader and take a back seat following Pakatan Harapan’s defeat in the recently concluded Malacca state election.

Taking to Facebook, DAP’s Bilut assemblyperson Lee Chin Chen said the opposition coalition should explore new directions and find a new consensus as soon as possible.

Failing that, he said, DAP must consider the possibility of quitting Harapan.

“Allow me to make my point clear first: I hope Anwar will relinquish the leadership baton, take a back seat and assist the new generation of successors to reach new heights,” he said.

“I call on Anwar to step down as the opposition leader so that Harapan can pick a new successor. Let us explore our new direction and consensus as well as resisting the religious conservative of the Malay right-wing alliance,” Lee said.

“If there is no hope for Harapan to reset itself, the DAP leadership must consider quitting the coalition and look for other cooperation to ensure the country has a loyal opposition party which defends the diversity and politics of secularism,” he said.

“Prior to this, Harapan has been obsessed with the numbers game for over one year. If we fail to put a stop to it after the Malacca polls defeat and review our direction, if we continue to blindly compare ourselves with the Malay political parties, we will only repeat the defeat in Malacca polls.”

He said the Malacca state election was a blow to Harapan, which won only five out of 28 state seats contested. Anwar’s PKR lost all 11 seats it contested.

The state polls saw a landslide victory for BN, which won 21 seats and secured a two-thirds majority. Bersatu only picked up two seats while its PN coalition partners PAS and Gerakan came up empty.

“Harapan should not have danced with the four ‘frogs’ and allowed them to contest under our ticket, nor should we have ridiculed the voters in order to recruit them,” said Lee, who is also Pahang DAP secretary.

This is because, he said, Harapan not only pledged to push for an anti-hopping law but also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

DAP, Amanah Mungkin Pertimbang Singkir Anwar Sebagai Ketua Pembangkang?

Susulan kekalahan memalukan dalam Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Melaka, spekulasi semakin bertiup kuat berkemungkinan DAP dan Amanah akan menimbang untuk menyingkirkan Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada mengepalai Pakatan Harapan (PH).

Sekiranya Anwar dibiarkan terus mengetuai blok pembangkang itu, keputusan lebih teruk akan dihadapi mereka dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-15 (PRU15) dan sudah sampai masanya untuk rakan parti itu membuat semakan realiti terhadap Anwar.

Sumber memberitahu terdapat pemimpin dalam DAP dan Amanah yang sudah resah melihat keputusan PRN Melaka, ia menandakan isyarat penolakan yang kuat terhadap mereka dan membuktikan Anwar sudah gagal serta tidak lagi relevan di kalangan rakyat.

“Jika Anwar masih kekal dan terus mengetuai pembangkang, berkemungkinan keputusan teruk dan hina akan diperoleh mereka selepas ini.

“Keputusan di Melaka adalah gambaran jelas mengapa Anwar perlu ditendang dengan segera,” kata sumber itu.

Malah, tindak-tanduk Anwar sebelum ini yang berkomplot dengan Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi sehingga menyebabkan parti itu kembali menjadi dominan di Putrajaya selepas Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dijatuhkan memberi banyak implikasi buruk kepada DAP dan Amanah.

DAP dan Amanah kehilangan banyak kerusi yang dimenangi mereka sebelum ini pada PRN Melaka kali ini, sementara PKR pula gagal memenangi sebarang kerusi.

Sekiranya masih berada di bawah ketiak Anwar, kemungkinan peluang DAP dan Amanah untuk menang dalam PRU15 nanti akan malap.

Persepsi rakyat terhadap blok pembangkang semakin terhakis sekiranya terbukti wujud kerjasama yang digerakkan Anwar melibatkan pemimpin UMNO daripada Kluster Mahkamah.

Anwar dan Zahid mungkin boleh bersumpah laknat di Makkah sekali pun, namun defisit kepercayaan rakyat adalah masalah utama yang mereka berdua sedang hadapi.

Secara jelas, isyarat yang ditunjukkan pengundi di Melaka adalah gambaran yang bakal berlaku pada PRU15 nanti.

Yang pastinya, Anwar juga adalah punca mengapa UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) kembali kuat kerana memberi nyawa kepada kumpulan Kluster Mahkamah sehingga menjadi dominan semula.

Apakah Anwar masih mahu menafikan fakta dan memutarbelit cerita dengan menafikan dirinya adalah punca kepada segala kemelut politik dalam negara sehingga membawa mudarat kepada rakyat.

Bagaimanapun, Anwar pasti tidak mahu mengalah memandangkan sudah dinaik taraf setara dengan jawatan seorang Menteri selepas blok pembangkang, PH menandatangani Memorandum Persefahaman (MOU) dengan kerajaan sebelum ini.

Jawatan tersebut terlalu sayang untuk dilepaskan Anwar kerana keistimewaan dan elaun yang diberikan adalah sangat lumayan.

Namun, rakyat sudah mampu menilai siapa Anwar sebenarnya yang menjadi punca kekecohan dan kekalutan politik dalam negara tidak ada kesudahan.

Who After Anwar, Asks Zaid After PH’s Dismal Polls Showing

A former minister has told Pakatan Harapan (PH) component parties to ask themselves who can best lead the coalition after its dismal showing in the Melaka polls.

Zaid Ibrahim said that instead of asking opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to resign, PKR, DAP and Amanah should identify possible successors and push them up into leadership positions.

This comes following calls from politicians and analysts urging Anwar to step aside as the leader of PH and PKR.

However, Zaid said the coalition and its supporters should know what their goals are and decide who could replace Anwar.

“It is true that a political leader who is not able to deliver electoral victories should step aside. Anwar has failed, make no mistake about that,” the former law minister said.

“But before we ask him to step down, we should ask ourselves what do we want? Do we know what we want? Don’t be like Manchester United … They renewed Mourinho’s contract and three months later sacked him. They gave Solskjaer (a) long-term contract in July and sacked him in November,” he said in a Facebook post today.

PH won only five seats in the Melaka state elections, compared to the 15 seats it won in the last general election.

Following the poor performance, political analyst Wong Chin Huat said Anwar should step down and merge his party with Amanah.

Warisan vice-president Junz Wong said the people were also fed up with PH’s repeated broken promises and were yearning for a new leader.

Zaid said that instead of having a post-mortem on the Melaka defeat, the PH coalition parties – PKR, DAP and Amanah – should conduct a thorough self-examination.

“Ask who should step down and which new leaders should move up. Ask where they can place good Malay leaders like Maszlee Malik, Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi, Rafizi Ramli, Syahredzan Johan. There must be other good talents they should actively promote,” he said.

He said leaders who no longer had the stamina to struggle for their causes should step aside.

“They have done much … but they can’t score goals anymore. Step aside. Good ideas and good speeches don’t necessarily work in our country, but good planning is essential for electoral victory. Let’s work towards that.”

PN Swallowed Up PKR Malay Votes At Melaka Polls

blocs in the race for seats at the Melaka state election, it obtained enough votes to jeopardise Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) performance especially among the Malay voters, analysts say.

When contacted by MalaysiaNow, they said Barisan Nasional’s (BN) victory in the polls was a foregone conclusion given that Melaka is seen as an Umno stronghold.

But among the Malay electorate who did not support BN, they said, Bersatu had “swallowed up” more voters than PH.

Oh Ei Sun, a political analyst with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, said PN had succeeded in splitting the vote, detracting from both PH and BN but having a bigger impact on the coalition led by PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim.

“Not only did PH votes go to PN, they also failed to attract the votes of the Malays who were unhappy with BN,” he told MalaysiaNow.

“Instead, those votes went to PN as voters were not satisfied with what PH had to offer and disappointed with their performance since 2018.”

Amanah president Mohamad Sabu previously said that PH’s loss was due to Bersatu, which had helped capture the Malay vote at the 2018 general election.

“If (the votes gained by Bersatu) were combined with the popular vote achieved by PH of 114,457, it would mean a total of 147,457 compared to BN which only received 122,741,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

Ahmad Martadha Mohamed, an anlayst with Universiti Utara Malaysia, said Umno had had the advantage as 19 of the state constituencies in Melaka are Malay-majority seats.

“Umno’s grassroots support is strong, so PH and PN were left to fight over the support of the Malays who rejected BN,” he said.

Chinese voters unhappy with DAP?

James Chin of the University of Tasmania meanwhile said PN’s success in winning votes was not the only factor in PH’s defeat.

He said Chinese voters were unhappy about the memorandum of understanding (MoU) inked between PH and the government over which DAP had remained silent.

“I believe the Chinese voters were dissatisfied with DAP,” he said. “This, combined with the low voter turnout, gave BN the edge.”

BN returned to form the state government in Melaka after winning 21 of the 28 seats it contested. PH meanwhile won five seats and PN, two.

The results came as a surprise especially for PH whose component PKR lost all 11 seats it contested while Amanah only won the Bukit Katil seat.

BN won 38.39% (122,741) of the popular vote while PH and PN obtained 35.65% (113,968) and 24.47% (78,220) respectively.

Oh said while the Melaka election showed BN’s success in making a comeback there, PN’s achievements, although small, were enough to split the votes for BN and PH.

“BN’s success in Melaka will boost Umno’s confidence,” he said, adding that some believed it would be able to leave PN.

“But this might have a negative effect seeing as PN won a significant number of votes in Melaka and could be a vote-breaker in the next general election.”

Martadha meanwhile said the results in Melaka could not be made a benchmark for BN’s performance in the future, adding that the coalition would still need help from parties like PAS and Bersatu in order to win the next election.

“Umno needs to learn some lessons from the Melaka polls, such as PH’s decision to take in the assemblymen who jumped ship, as well as the unexpected shift in Chinese votes,” he said.

“Umno cannot afford to be arrogant. The help of both PAS and Bersatu at the next general election will still be relevant.”

But the biggest surprise for Chin was the performance of BN components MCA and MIC.

“This looks like a rebirth for BN,” he said. “But I also think that support for these parties may be limited to Melaka.”

He said the expected increase of some eight to nine million voters aged 18 to 19 at the next general election would also mean a different playing field.

He also said the Melaka election had been an anomaly as political parties were not allowed to campaign face-to-face.

“This will test all parties in new ways of campaigning ahead of the Sarawak state election to come,” he said.

“It is also important for us to see if Malay parties like Umno and Bersatu will continue to attract the Malay vote.”

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