DAP Hannah Yeoh : MACC Should Act Fast To Take Action Against Tengku Adnan In DBKL Land Deals Scandal – She Urged The MACC To Immediately Act Fast

Yeoh said that Kuala Lumpur voters had the right to know if any ongoing investigation by MACC on the matter involves other individuals linked to YWP, adding that the anti-graft body should also focus its probe on the issuance of development orders for uncontrolled and unplanned development without plans for traffic management. “The allegation of abuse of power towards a former minister is something very serious, MACC should act fast and not slow down the investigation process to the extent that evidence could be destroyed,” she said, adding that the MACC was duty-bound to provide updates from time to time on such public interest cases. She then urged the MACC to immediately provide feedback on the case and also urged that the commission carries out holistic reforms to improve its image in the eyes of the public. In July, Lim had claimed that the alleged dubious land deals involving DBKL land were only the tip of the iceberg, although he said some of the buyers could be innocent and should have their names cleared. The newly-appointed Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad had in July also told financial weekly The Edge that there were allegedly more dubious land sales under the former Barisan Nasional administration. He had then said DBKL had handed over reports on the 64 plots of land to MACC officially for investigation, and that DBKL will be following up on the remaining cases.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ee Ming Chong

    September 19, 2018 at 13:40

    It is time to forgive and heal Hannah rather than harping on past issues.After all Najib was a good PM but like everyone, nobody is Perfect. Owing to PH, Malaysia today is so disjointed and it seems each Political Party has its own Agenda. It is time for reunification for all Parties including the BN. The Malaysia under Mahatir was neither Perfect not Corrupt Free. So do not point Fingers at one another.

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