DAP Lim Kit Siang : Why Don’t You Just Come Clean & State Your Stand About Your Support For Anwar To Overthrow Muhyiddin?

The problem with this is that the content remains the same. If in 2016 you say you’re willing to work with then PM Najib, it means you are willing to work with Najib.

The circumstances may have changed as Najib is no longer PM but your willingness to work with him remains. There’s nothing fake about the content. Just the timeline.

Your state of mind has never changed. You are willing to work with Najib just as you were willing to work with Mahathir who you long hated and accused of the vilest deeds, but somehow saw the grace of light in 2018 to work with him.

If you can work with Mahathir, you can work with Najib. And that is commendable and nothing to be shy about.

It is, after all, politics – principles are just for pretence, right? Your fawning supporters will support you no matter what.

Why don’t you just come clean and state your stand about your support for Anwar to overthrow Muhyiddin?

State definitively: Are You With Him or Are You Not?

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Which part of this article is fake and misquoted you ?- DAP Lim Kit Siang : “ To Save Malaysia , I Am Prepared To Work With Najib To Restore Democracy & Implement Key Reforms ”

( Which part of that entire news reporting is not your own statement ? )

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Do you have a memory problems regarding your own personal press statement? You can claimed it is a recycle old news. You can question the motive for recycling it now. But you can never said it is fake news when what changes is just the timeline while your statement remain the same.

You are the one misleading the public regarding the truth of your own statement that you now claim it is fake news.

Do your political party have to be so desperate until sending your MP to go on personal attack ? – Uncover “The Coverage” – Fake News – We will just take it as our great honour to have such recognition and luxury that DAP send their MP to take on ordinary media portal. A popular DAP MP that links Jawi to Porn – DAP Wong Shu Qi Admitted Linking Jawi To Pornography & Christian Bible

We are not asking you How to co-operate with Najib. We are just reporting that you previously said : You are willing to Work With Najib to Save Malaysia.

The Coverage report has gone viral on the social media, with the objective to give the impression that I agree with DAP working with Najib Razak and UMNO to form a new national government to replace the Muhyiddin government – Lim Kit Siang

( You are writing base on assumption while we are publishing base on what you have said in 2016 without editing a single word )

Why are you answering back to The Coverage ?

You should answer to your supporters , comrades ( Amanah + PKR ) and Anwar Ibrahim regarding your disagreement to work with Najib and UMNO. ( If Only You Disagree )

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The Coverage do not have the influence to create any impression or perception if only DAP releases statement regarding the party official stand regarding this whole situation.

DAP just need to state the party official stand and declare to the public : Accept or Reject Anwar partnership with UMNO? Agree or Disagree ?


On the other hand , When Will Your Keep Up To Your Promise That You Will Retire and Resign From Politics ? Please do not said is fake or old news again. Is there a timeline for promises ? – DAP Lim Kit Siang : I Will Quit Politics & Not Contest In The 15th GE If Anwar Ibrahim Not Given The Prime Minister Post

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