DAP Reactivates Red Bean Army Operation – Spend RM225,076 On Facebook Ads For Sabah Election

RBA’s assault against government via the internet proved successful as evinced by the 2008 and 2013 political tsunamis. Prior to the year 2008, the ruling Barisan Nasional was arrogantly complacent and did not believe that the internet housed the media hub of the future.

It is that arrogance and complacency that fuelled online propaganda against government and fed DAP RBA with ammunition.

“The tag ‘Red Bean Army’ is said to be derived from Chairman Mao’s ‘Red Guards’ during China’s Cultural Revolution”

The moniker Red Bean Army could be a corruption of 红 (hong) 头 (dou) 兵 (bing) which translates literally as Red Headed Soldiers but referring to Chairman Mao’s communist cadres wearing their uniform red caps or red berets.

The Red Guards were a group of students in their teens and 20s who banded together in 1966 to overturn the ‘old order’ and fight to protect the revolution and preserve their Chairman’s Thoughts.

“They were also encouraged to criticize Mao’s enemies: anyone who was against Mao’s vision for China, from writers, economists, artists to anyone associated with Mao’s political opponent Liu Shao-chi.

“Malaysia’s RBA gained notoriety after one of its ‘generals’ made a confession in the China Press report. Li Shuang admitted to the existence of a Red Bean Army Facebook fanpage – Zheng Yi Zhi Sheng.

Red Bean soldiers as professional netizens who manipulate and misrepresent facts not only to attack the government, but also ordinary Malaysians who pledge support to the Barisan Nasional.

” ‘These cybertroopers will gang up against the chosen target and harp on selected issues, which they will do relentlessly until their goal is achieved.

‘Their main goal is to assassinate the character of anyone who supports Barisan. There are many young people who support Barisan but they are too scared to publicly say so because they do not want to be bullied and harassed online,’

” ‘No matter what issue you bring up, they will attack and discredit your source before attacking you personally by calling you a dog, loser, etc. When that fails, they will start to divert the issue.

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” ‘They use the same tactics as the Communist Party of Malaya did during the Emergency. It is revolution style – you are either with them or against them, and they bully anyone who is against them.

” ‘They fight a dirty war and they threaten and harass people. Democracy is democracy, but it does not give you the freedom to create and spread lies. We don’t need people who disturb the peace in our country or threaten to rape or kill people. This will not bring any good’.”

DAP Ong Kian Ming : Pakatan Hitting Obstacles In Shaping The Narrative

Now that the afterglow of winning the 2018 general elections has all but vanished, the daily grind of running the country is teaching the ruling coalition several hard lessons.

As the then-Opposition, Pakatan Harapan (PH) had adept party operatives who devised clever media strategies that helped shape public perception, and this helped vault the coalition into power.

But as the 2018 election victors settled into their new roles and cosy government offices, its message machine appears to be in a muddle.

“Our communications strategy has not been up to mark as a whole,” Ong Kian Ming, DAP’s Bangi MP.

Some coalition leaders believe the move to absorb top party aides and communications operatives into the administration made PH lose its edge.

DAP’s Sabah division spent a total of RM225,076 on the Sabah election campaign

Source : LINK

DAP has curated its content and targeted its political ads specifically for Sabahans

DAP admitted that it had advertised on JobStreet – the vacancies were for social media writers

Red Bean Army Gets Foreign Funding, Claims Tunku Aziz ( Fomer DAP Vice President )

The Red Bean Army (RBA), purportedly a propaganda cyber vehicle for DAP, received foreign funding, claims social activist Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Tunku Aziz, a former DAP vice-chairman, claimed that DAP had used RBA to draw strategies in creating online propaganda and wild accusations against the government of the day.

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Tunku Aziz alleged that RBA has been part of DAP’s conspiracy to throw wild allegations to entice the public with misleading information.

Speaking to reporters at Eastin Hotel today, he said that it was also a ‘subversive process’ to bring down a constitutionally elected government.

Over the years, RBA has been a hot subject debated whether the opposition DAP was directly involved in funding and administering the group.

Some political and social activists have claimed that RBA had a group almost 1,000 cyber armies that worked together to launch online propaganda.

DAP’s Red Bean Army Given RM10 Million Budget

RM10 million budget to employ these Red Bean Army cyber-troopers at RM3,000 per person a month.

DAP has set aside a budget of RM10 million for the next 12 months to pay each ‘Red Bean Army’ or RBA cyber-trooper a salary of RM3,000 a month.

Their job is to counter everything that Umno, Barisan Nasional and PAS say plus to keep repeating the key words: 1MDB Scandal, National Catastrophe and Global Kleptocracy.

Source : Malaysia Today

EXCLUSIVE To RPK/Malaysia Today – Confessions Of A PH Cybertrooper

Sometime in late November last year, I was approached by an aide to a Minister to provide “digital persuasion and social media engagement” services. The term is an euphemism for being a “cybertrooper”.

Together with my partners, all of whom are familiar with the digital and traditional media landscape, and stay on top of current affairs, we agreed. Back then, Pakatan Harapan was under heavy fire and some of the good deeds of the government were being misrepresented by the still well-funded BN online activists. Me and my partners were idealistic in wanting to turn things around for PH.

We commenced work in February after some negotiations, only with a verbal promise of the terms. Things went smoothly at first as there was a lull during the Chinese New Year period. But as public unease with the PH government grew, so did the attacks on the Minister.

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But instead of raising the budget for greater efficiency in countering the lies and misinformation, we were instructed to “bully” those who trolled PH leaders. These included name-calling or even using racial slurs – all trademarks of Umno, which the PH leaders had publicly stood against in the past. What a hypocrite!

The skullduggery did not end there. We were told to dig up the “dirt” of top BN leaders including a former Umno Minister, especially with regards to his alleged affair with a starlet and search for compromising photos of the ex-Minister’s purportedly “care-free” days. All this because the former Minister had sniped at the current Cabinet member.

The Minister also did not hesitate in using our services for “friendly fire”. Through his aide, he once asked us to vilify an ADUN under his own Parliamentary constituency, although the assemblyman is from the same party as him. This was done because the ADUN was from a different faction in the party from him.

Worst of all, despite all the effort we put in, we had only been paid about 20% of what was promised. Our persistent reminders often end up with “Wait… the money is coming.” In the mean time, we are chalking up huge debts as we had to pay our staff and line the pockets of sensitive sources involved in this complex, clandestine operations. We still owe some of these people money, and they are threatening to file legal suits, which means we’d have to spill everything in the open during the court date.

We regret having taken up this job. While this was partly attributed to the monetary losses, we are more let down that PH has descended into another BN-Umno in the making (if they are not already). But because PH had taken the moral high ground, for it to degenerate in such a fashion, has made the current government an even greater hypocrite!

Source : Malaysia Today

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