DAP Wong Shu Qi Admitted Linking Jawi To Pornography & Christian Bible

The Member of Parliament (MP) from DAP admitted that she related Jawi writing with the publishing of pornography books in a dialogue held on 9 August.

The MP of Kluang, Wong Shu Qi said, the example was used to avoid confusion on the decision of the Ministry of Education by introducing khat in Year 4 Bahasa Melayu beginning next year, which was seen as a tactic of Islamisation.

The Kluang MP, Wong Shu Qi was seen to be speaking in Mandarin in a 22-second viral video, showing several pictures of books alleged to be porn books.

“I used three slides in the presentation to explain the history of Jawi writing as pictured. In the first slide, I explained that Jawi was used in Bahasa Melayu before the introduction of Roman alphabet.

“Therefore, Jawi was also used Christian’s Bibles in the 19th Century.

“The second slide showed other reading materials which used Jawi, including pornography books.

“In the third slide, I explained that although some Buddhists uses Chinese calligraphy to present Buddhist manuscripts, no one will think that Chinese calligraphy is only used to propagate Buddhism only,” she said in a statement.

MCA and UMNO, according to her had joined hands in playing racial sentiments by twisting her speech and presented them out of context.

“Referring to my same speech, MCA claimed that I supported Jawi in order to sedate the Chinese while UMNO alleged that I insulted Jawi to sedate the Malays. It is clear that they have evil intentions in their political game,” she said.

The controversial speech was made in a dialogue with 28 Chinese associations in Kluang.

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She also alleged that a leader from MCA also attended the dialogue and recorded her speech without permission. –

MalaysiaGazette ( 12 August 2019)

Source : Malaysia Gazette

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