Do Azmin Ali & Family Have RM 300 Millions Stashed Overseas & 2 London Apartments Worth RM100 Million Bought With Cash ?

The article, titled “Toyol of Selangor” appeared to have described Azmin as a “toyol”, a supernatural creature in Malay superstition which is used to amass wealth.

The writer, who had claimed to be a staff of Azmin, wrote: “I can no longer stand by and watch him rob the rakyat! I cannot expose my identity as it will put my life and my family’s life in danger.

“Today will be the last day for the ‘toyol’ of Selangor as MB, the toyol will now focus on federal assets to plunder.”

The writer had claimed that multiple bank accounts were discovered in different countries through an independent investigation.

These accounts, claimed the writer, amounted to hundreds of millions in different currencies held in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Zurich and the United States.

Source : NST

The Malaysian-Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) will investigate allegations that Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali stashed RM300 million abroad.

MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya said the anti-graft busters will look into all the reports received and act on it professionally.

“My statement is in response to media’s query on (Datuk) Lokman Noor Adam’s (Umno Supreme Council member) MACC report against a cabinet minister,“ she said in a statement today.

Latheefa said the investigation would be handled by her deputy (MACC deputy chief commissioner (Operation) Datuk Seri Azam Baki) and his team.

“I will not be part of the investigation nor the decision maker in the probe,“ she said.

Source : The Sun

Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has initiated legal action against a blogger whom he claimed to have defamed him by claiming he amassed RM300 million that is being kept in bank accounts abroad.

In a statement, his press secretary Mohamad Hassanal Bolqiah said Azmin is filing the lawsuit against the owner of a blog called “Toyol Selangor” over allegations said to threaten the ministry’s authority and integrity.

“Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin has asked his legal team to file an application to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to identify the owner of the blog for next course of action,” Hassanal said.

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He added that Azmin is disappointed by the remarks which he sees as an attempt to sully his reputation.

Raja Petra : Tok Mat’s RM10 million London apartment is nothing compared to Azmin’s TWO apartments worth RM100 million

Azmin Ali bought apartments in London with CASH ?

Source : Nakinforjauh

Source : Malaysia Flip Flop

Crazy Rich Asians Family

Azmin Ali Sued Over RM300,000 Unpaid Luxury Travel Bills – Travelling Cost RM 1 Million Annually

A travel agency is taking Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali to court, accusing him of failing to pay over RM300,000 in travel bills which includes private family trips and his now-infamous trip to Sandakan during the by-election there, according to Sarawak Report.

“Despite repeated demand of payments by the plaintiff and/or its representative from the defendant and/or his representative, the aggregate amount has not been forthcoming even though the claimed sum was never disputed,” the travel agency said in the writ of summons as quoted by Sarawak Report.

According to Sarawak Report, the company is demanding Azmin to pay RM328,901 in addition to interests and other damages to be assessed.

It said Azmin had been a client for about 20 years, and used to settle his bills promptly through a representative.

“However, in this instance, the payments have been outstanding for far longer than the aforesaid time frame.”

Sarawak Report, meanwhile, questioned the RM300,000 bill, saying Azmin, who is also the PKR deputy president, had declared his salary as RM50,000 per month.

“Under the circumstances, it is therefore hard to understand how he ran up such enormous outstanding sums with a view to being able to meet the bill – many of the flights are for family members, who appear to have travelled business,” it said.

It claimed that the flights include RM92,280 for flights for his newly wed son Mohamed Ameer Shazrin and his wife Mazreen Shanim Shaheen during their travels to Marrakech, London and Geneva.

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Sarawak Report also published pictures it claimed were posted by Azmin’s children on Facebook showing their travel moments, but which had since been taken down.

Source : FMT

Zuraida Says On Azmin’s Debts : People Sometimes Forget to Pay Bills – “ Itu Perkara Biasa ”

Unpaid Travelling Bills Included The Scandalous Visit to Sandakan

Interestingly, the unpaid travelling bills included the minister’s scandalous visit to Sandakan in May 2019 which matched the date where Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz had admitted to having “gay sex” with Azmin Ali. The explosive sex drama in the Four Points Sheraton Hotel room in Sandakan, Sabah on May 11, 2019 was consensual – according to Mr. Haziq.

Clearly, Azmin Ali had mixed business with pleasure during those trips. But the burning question is why the “responsible” minister didn’t settle his and his family’s travel bills? The amount of RM328,901 might look a lot to millions of ordinary Malaysians. However, any corrupt ministers of the previous Barisan Nasional government will laugh at such pathetic small sum of money.

The travel agency claims that it had a long-standing history of business relationship which spans approximately 20 years with the minister. In the past, Azmin, PKR deputy president, would normally settle his bills within three to four months. Sarawak Report revealed that the minister’s travelling bills have been in the region of one million Ringgit annually.

This time, however, Azmin has failed or refused to pay for his family trips to Marrakech, London, Jakarta, Gold Coast, Dubai, Geneva, Singapore, Bangkok, Barcelona, and Santorini. The YHA Travel & Tours claimed it had sent a first letter of demand to Azmin on Aug 27 and another on Sept 30, but received no response.

If Azmin had paid RM1 million in the past, he certainly can pay RM328,901 but deliberately refused to. On Nov 5, a Facebook belonging to Azmin’s PKR supporters “Pejabat Timbalan Setia” accused the travel company suing Economic Affairs Minister Azmin belonged to the father of one of those arrested over the Sandakan sex video clips which went viral early this year.

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The Facebook page also uploaded a photograph of the alleged owner of YHA Travel & Tours with PKR president and prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim – suggesting that somehow Azmin has been victimised in the lawsuit. Still, it’s alame excuse because the fact remains that as a minister, Mr. Azmin must set a role model and pays his outstanding debts promptly.

Hence, there could only be one reason. The bisexual minister Azmin most likely thought as the powerful Economic Affairs Minister, a portfolio specially created by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad for him, he could do what the corrupt ministers of the previous government did – abuse his position to the extent of refusing to pay for his family holidays.

Yes, the despicable Azmin probably believed that YHA Travel & Tours would not dare collect outstanding debts from him. More importantly, if the evil plan to form a new coalition government with PAS, UMNO, Bersatu and PKR (Azmin’s faction) succeeded, he could be promoted as the country’s new deputy prime minister, if not the prime minister.

By then, there would be dozens of crony wannabes queuing for projects and contracts from Azmin. In exchange, his RM300,000 outstanding bills would be settled automatically. Perhaps PM Mahathir should lecture his blue-eyed boy about the real meaning of “Malay dignity“. After all, it was the 94-year-old premier who slammed the Malays’ attitude of being untrustworthy and lazy.

Source : Malaysia Chronicle

Mahathir Team , Media , IGP , Party , Lawyer & Advisers Is Strategically Abandoning Azmin Ali – Tun Daim Said “Azmin Sudah Habis & Tidak Boleh Dipakai”

Mahathir Hinting Disagreement With Azmin Ali Action To Meet With 22 BN MP – “Do So In The Right Way & It Shouldn’t Be Through The Back Door”

Azmin Is Bluffing : He Does Not Have The Number For Mahathir To Continue As Prime Minister – Only 5 PKR MP With Him

Breaking News : Azmin Ali Sued Over RM300,000 Unpaid Luxury Travel Bills – Travelling Cost RM 1 Million Annually


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