Advisor To The Conference Of Rulers On Islamic Matters And The Halal Council Malaysia Dr Afifi Al-Akiti Caught Having Fun At A Nightclub With A Scantily-Dressed Woman Seated Next To Him

However, an ustaz defended him by claiming that he was “distributing Islamic pamphlets”.

A video allegedly showing religious adviser to the Perak Sultan Dr Afifi al-Akiti having forbidden fun at a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur has recently surfaced on Twitter.

In the 2 minute and 20 second clip, Dr Afifi was seen air drumming to a rock tune being played onstage while a scantily-dressed woman seated next to him was bopping her head to the beat.

In the video caption, it claimed that Dr Afifi also serves as an advisor to the Conference of Rulers on Islamic matters and the Halal Council Malaysia (MHM).

Watch the clip here:

‘He was handing out Islamic pamphlets’

The clip has since attracted widespread outrage and mockery from netizens, who wondered how Dr Afifi ended up at a place largely described as immoral for Muslims.

In response to the online backlash, a religious teacher named Ustaz Husam came to Dr Afifi’s defense, saying that he was actually there to distribute pamphlets about Islam.

I was made to understand by a source close to him [Dr Afifi] that he had entered the nightclub after taking a class abroad and began distributing pamphlets about Islamic teachings. Along with him were also his wife and children.

Husam’s explanation however, did little to quell public skepticism and instead turned into fodder for more ridicule from netizens.



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