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10 Malaysian Wishful Thinking That Can Be Good April Fool Jokes

It’s the time of the year again where we prank our friends in the spirit of April Fools, but here’s a few wishful thinking from Malaysians that can qualify for a April Fool pranks!

1. I Hear That They Are Gonna Abolish The GST!

The cause of all our agony (when buying stuff), imagine the celebration if this really comes true! Unfortunately as of now it remains as wishful thinking, and may continue being so…

2. Further Drop of Petrol Price?


Not exactly wishful thinking, the world petrol price is coming down so this will probably come true!

3. Our Dear Leader Is Gonna Step Down ?


Hahahahaha, dream on my friends!

4. Public Holiday On 1st April


Sounds like this is a good one to pull on your ‘always-late’ colleagues, by having everyone hide somewhere and pretend that it’s a public holiday.

5. Anwar Declared Innocent And Will be Released Soon


Innocent or not, that is probably not possible.

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6. Abolishing Major Tolls On Highways


To be fair, this is actually very true (serious!), but it will take them some time to get it all done… approximately 20-50 years…. or more…

7. Uber To Take Over As Malaysian Taxi Company


Every taxi driver’s nightmare and every commuter’s dream come true. Although it’s not gonna happen anytime soon, at least we know they are now officially legal.

8. MH370 Has Been Found!


This is a bad prank to pull if you have any immediate family who are part of the missing passengers, but otherwise it’s up to you to see if your victim is sensitive to it or not…

9. Malaysia Has Finally Qualified For The FIFA World Cup!


This is one wishful thinking that I am desperately hoping to come true. Imagine the glory of Malaysians standing on the world stage competing against the best of them all…

10. Malaysian Currency Has Reached RM3.00 Against The Dollar?!


Last we checked today the Ringgit is holding itself pretty strong at 3.87 per dollar, but IMAGINE how much we can save buying online when it is RM3.00?!

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