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13-Year-Old Asian Boy Becomes The Youngest Graduate, Earning First Class Maths Degree

I guess this is the hands down proof that Asian blood are the smartest species on the planet! Jk Jk

Well, at least this 13 year-old boy gets to vouch that ‘idea’ since he just became the youngest graduate, earning a first class honours degree in maths. Yes, people! Maths!

The child prodigy, Wang Pok Lo, easily did sums when he was only 2 and passed his Advanced Higher Maths exams at the age of 11. I honestly think that his mom ate a calculator when she was pregnant with him.

And you want to know what’s the best part? He achieved that remarkable honours degree by studying the subject matter in his FREE TIME (which is after normal school hours) and he is already on his way to pick up his Master’s degree.

Pok moved to Scotland from Hong Kong in 2006 and is now attending classes at Queensferry High School in South Queensferry near Edinburgh. However, he now will be taking on a part-time MSc in statistic with medical applications at Sheffield University.

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Apparently when at a much younger age, Pok’s memorisation skills were easily recognisable as he had recited an entire collection of Chinese poems to his family. Knowing that this kid has much potential in him, the family encouraged him to study in depth of those subjects in his interest.

Don’t worry, guys…Pok is still like any other teenager as he loves listening to music, especially classical and pop. Also he likes hanging out with his friends. Oh! And he also plays the guitar and piano. Crazy talent, let me tell you that!

We sure are looking forward to hear more successful stories from Pok with his outstanding mind and character. Let’s all wish him the best!


Source: Daily Mail

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