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1MDB-Inspired Monopoly Becoming The Talk Of The Town

In case you didn’t know, Monopoly is a popular board game still being widely played by millennials. We’ve seen the cheaper-Malaysian version of it before, “Jutaria” growing up, some of us might’ve played it too!

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However, a non-governmental organization named C4 Center, which stands for ‘The Center to Combat Corruption & Cronyism‘, created a Malaysian version of Monopoly, called Kleptopoly!

C4 Center’s missions are to open up the government, to change the culture of governance and to instill accountability, transparency, and integrity at the heart of public policy and administration, which basically means to save our country.

Kleptopoly is described as “an interactive game to raise awareness on anti-corruption and asset declaration”. It is designed based on the original Monopoly board game but with a dash of influence of 1MDB.

Instead of using the classic wheelbarrow tokens, players can use a woman and three men that looks too familiar to every Malaysian out there.

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Remember the ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards? In this board game, they have been replaced with ‘Raja Bomoh Card’, come on, who can forget the notorious Raja Bomoh Sedunia? Your fate in this game will be decided by the all-mighty raja bomoh!

The game designers’ attention to detail is on point as some of the properties in the game have been changed to the ones that are linked to the 1MDB investigation – the Beverly Hills mansion, Park Lane Hotel, and Jho Low’s yacht.

According to Aizat Shamsuddin from C4,

“One of the cards gives you profits from the box office movie Wolf of Wall Street worth 10 million (in Kleptopoly currency) while another is a ‘whistleblower’ card where you can whistleblow on another player who you suspect has ‘corrupt’ assets.”

When you fail to declare your assets, you’ll get busted by an anti-corruption agency (ACA) officer.

In the traditional Monopoly, you’ll be awarded 200 bucks after traveling the board, but in Kleptopoly, you get a 20 million paycheck, why? Because ‘boss kasi gaji’. This boss is really generous, you can already guess who it is with that white stache.

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To win the game, players need to collect the most properties and also remain the most “clean”.

Aizat added,

“Our message is that it is nothing wrong to be wealthy, even super-rich, as long as your gains from the wealth is clean and not from misappropriated funds.”

If you wish to get your hands on the game, you can place your order here! Keep in mind that there are two version of the game – the limited set with hand-sculpted characters will run for RM100, limited to 100 sets. Regular sets with cute 2D cardboard characters cost RM55 each.

Check out their Facebook page for more information!

What do you think about this board game? Will you buy it? I know I want to get my hands on it!

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