3-year-old Youngest DJ in the World Wins South Africa’s Got Talent ?!! - The Coverage

3-year-old Youngest DJ in the World Wins South Africa’s Got Talent ?!!


The EDM and DJ-ing world has been slapped in the face by a recent headline.

3-year-old DJ named winner of South Africa’s Got Talent.

Yes, you read that right, a 3-year-old DJ.

Most DJs put in blood, sweat and tears for more than 5-6 years before they gain any sort of popularity or success but this 3-year-old has already won South Africa’s Got Talent, gaining sponsors and compliments from people all over the world.

DJ Arch Jnr was named South Africa’s Got Talent, making him the youngest winner ever in the history of the TV series. His so called ‘talent act’ was DJ-ing.

During his first appearance on his audition for the talent show, he was given the “Golden Buzzer” which sent him straight to the semi-finals.

For those who don’t know what a “Golden Buzzer” is, it’s a buzzer that every judge of the panel in the show can hit once during the audition. This buzzer sends the contestant straight to the semi-finals.

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You would need an extremely good act to have a judge even consider using their only “Golden Buzzer” on you.


His parents tell that their son has been DJ-ing since a “very early age,” but at only three years old, that expression is barely relative.

Despite the good comments from the judges and the support the amount of support this ‘DJ’ has been getting, we think he is no good at all.

His performance is cringe-worthy, hardly worthy of being called a set. The music was nothing but a simple beat with a few dings and dongs here and there.

The performance was something more like a performance you would get from a man with Parkinson disease who has had 30 minutes worth of experience in DJ-ing from YouTube; barely a performance or ‘talent’ that could earn him a $35,000 USD prize.

The fact that he received endorsements from Guess Kids, Beats By Dre, Mini Cooper and Djay Software further insults aspiring DJs out there who worked hard on their craft for years.

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The cringe-worthy performance can be seen below.



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