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This 83-Year-Old Man Secretly Found The “Fountain Of Youth”!!!

This 83-year-old man definitely looks like he had found the “Fountain of Youth”! Well not literally though. Uncle Lawrence, who is well known among the bodybuilding community, easily fools the public with his looks.

Uncle Lawrence basically looks like he is in his 50’s when he is already 83 while telling others jokingly that he is only 38. The Batu Pahat jokester is a father of 4 with 11 grandchildren, who now lives in Balakong.


His physique is in tip-top condition with his solid six-pack abs, trim waistline, well-developed biceps and chest.

Uncle Lawrence explains that he is in shape mainly because he desires to stay fit and to be able to remain healthy throughout his life. He spends at least 2 hours in the gym each day, lifting weights and maintaining a healthy diet. Oh crap, this is embarrassing! Most of us don’t even have a healthy diet.

He shows no signs of slowing down, as he says, “I have to keep doing it because, you know, when we’re old we can just lose the muscle and everything starts sagging. I don’t want to look like that.”

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The young-looking grandpa used to play everything, from football, badminton, basketball, table tennis and running. However as he aged, the doctors did advise him to slow down as his heart might not be able to handle his vigorous exercises.

As an alternative, Uncle Lawrence decided to pick up bodybuilding instead. He does his routines at his own pace and tries his best not to over do it in the process.

After passing the 55 marker, he slowly built up his physique that pumped up his confidence to compete in local bodybuilding competitions.

“That was in the early 1990s. I got into this sport very late, so I was not aiming to win anything. From the first competition I entered, I was always the oldest competitor. I just did it for fun, to make friends and to just give the younger boys a challenge,” he said.

Recently there was an annual gathering of former national bodybuilders in Kuala Lumpur. Uncle Lawrence, humbly said, ” It is great for all of us to get together like this and keep in touch. Over the years we have competed with each other and become good friends. We all look out for each other and at this age, it’s also good to know I have friends who are concerned about my well being.”

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All the best Uncle Lawrence! Keep living the healthy way of life!

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