[ADORABLE] Ambitious 9-Year-Old Boy Applied For A Job At NASA - The Coverage

[ADORABLE] Ambitious 9-Year-Old Boy Applied For A Job At NASA

When you were younger, have you ever been through a phase where you think you can be the protector of the world, a superhero or something? Children are very imaginative, and when they speak to us adults about their dreams, we must be accepting and encouraging them to work harder, but not when it comes to crimes!

Recently, a 9-year-old boy applied for “Planetary Protection Officer” position after he found out about the job opening by NASA space agency. Not that they did not receive any applications, it’s just that this little boy’s one stands out!

Little Jack Davis wrote in his letter,

“I may be nine, but I think I would be fit for the job.

“I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see.

“I’m great at video games. I am young, so I can learn to think like an alien.”

Jack’s letter went viral after a family friend posted it on Reddit, if eventually reached the space agency, NASA’s director of planetary science division, and he engineered a perfect response for Jack.

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In his letter to the little boy, Dr. James L. Green wrote,

“Our Planetary Protection Officer position is really cool and is very important work. It’s about protecting Earth from tiny microbes when we bring back samples from the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. It’s also about protecting other planets and moons from our germs as we responsibly explore the Solar System.”

NASA encouraged Jack to study hard, do well in school and one day becomes the real “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Hopefully, with NASA encouragement, Jack will do his best at school and not forget his ambition. 

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