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AniManGaki 2019 returns with a Circus theme

Animangaki!! Malaysias’ second largest Anime, cartoon and games convention is coming back once more as AniManGaki 2019 with the Theme: Circus.

This year marks their 11th year in the scene and is expected to be one of their biggest yet. This year instead of the Sunway Convention Centre, it will be held at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre on 31st August-1st September 2019.

Some of the guest appearing this year are singer/musician Takebuchi Kei (Official Page: Hailing from Japan, she is a singer based in Tokyo, Japan who recently debuted as a soloist. She was previously the vocalist of Goose house for 8 years. Her works with Goose house appeared on anime series such as Shigatsu no Uso (Your Lie in April) and Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon). She will be headlining their live concert on Day 01 at AniManGaki 2019.

Game Director Yoko Taro (Official Page: He is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed role-playing game series, the NieR and Drakengard series. He is a Japanese game director and writer that is known for his innovative game design and intricate storytelling. Game Director Takahisa Taura (Official Page:

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PlatinumGames game designer and director of ASTRAL CHAIN, Taura-san also contributed to the Nier series alongside Yoko Taro. The details in his works have significantly made audience feel as they were part of the game.
And, finally we have Cosplayer/Youtuber SAIDA (Official Page:

This cosplayer hails all the way from South Korea, SAIDA has been highly notable for her portrait of several characters specifically princesses from Disney and The [email protected] series. Popular for the combination of her versatile look and great showmanship, SAIDA also make stunning cosplay music videos for her Youtube channel.

Many more guest and activities are still lining up for your enjoyment for you at this awesome convention and the Coverage will be bringing more to you soon. So, stay tuned everyone.

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