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Beautiful Thailand Football Team Manager Catches The Heart Of Netizens

Very often we don’t pay much attention to managers of football teams unless you’re a big football fan and you know almost all the managers of every team or every country. Managers of football teams are usually male as not many women are interested in the sport as much as men.

Thailand’s football team manager is the reason why they’re receiving so much of attention even after the SEA Games.

Introducing the beautiful Thailand’s team manager, Watanya Wongopasi, her interest for football is that of a man, she didn’t let anything hold her back and worked hard to get to where she is today. As for the SEA Games, she was invited to be the team manager by the president of the Football Association of Thailand.

She did not hesitate and accepted the invitation, as she believes that this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to do something for her country, and contribute something in the name of the nation.

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With her beauty, you could easily say that she is the motivation for the team to do their best in the match, and won against our national football team.

We know having a beautiful manager that you can see every day will motivate the players, but we believe that our Malaysian football team is good even without a beautiful manager. Though it wouldn’t be bad to have an eye candy every now and then.  

Watch a short clip of an interview with the beautiful Watanya below, her English is very good, and when she spoke there is barely any Thai accent!

What do you think of Thailand’s football team manager? She’s super pretty, right? If you wish to see more of her, follow her on her Instagram account, dear_watanya12!

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