[BEAUTY SECRETS] The Amazing Transformation Of This Female Korean University Student Has The Internet Going Crazy!!! - The Coverage

[BEAUTY SECRETS] The Amazing Transformation Of This Female Korean University Student Has The Internet Going Crazy!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, Jinny – a Korean university student whose successful diet story has gone viral as it is both shocking and inspiring!

Not only did her tremendous transformation created big waves of “WOW” even her beautiful face would make you instantly fall in love.

Jinny’s dieting story was revealed on DanoTV, a dieting channel on Youtube. Her remarkable transformation from 100kg dropping all the way down to 50kg in just 2 years was a wake-up call for a lot of netizens. And you said it was impossible…pfft!

It’s definitely not going to be easy…no one said it would. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to cut off that unnecessary weight and fats off. But at the end of it, it will be worth it.

Take Jinny as an example, she was just like any other regular senior high school student who loved and enjoyed their fried chicken paired with a glass of beer on Friday nights. This habitual addiction of hers resulted in the 25kg weight gain within a year.

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Obviously, nothing seemed wrong as everything was fun and tasty until the weighing machine’s needle hit the 100kg marker. Due to the excess weight that her body has to handle and manage, eventually, Jinny was diagnosed with a herniated disc.

This was Jinny’s wake-up call!

As she felt it was necessary to go on a healthy diet, the Korean beauty decided to start off her diet by drinking 3.5 litres of warm water on the daily. She also tried her best to avoid eating too much sodium and would only eat till it filled her stomach to stop the hunger. Yes, she didn’t need to go to the extreme to starve herself, she just ate moderately, which is what you should be doing too!

And if ever she felt like she had too much, she would immediately start walking around and do short exercise intervals to balance back her overeating.

Apparently, for lunch, Jinny would prepare plenty of protein as well as vegetables. Of course, she made sure that every day she did not miss out any exercise routines.

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One of the key points in dieting also comes down to how often you poop, so for a healthy gut, Jinny made sure she would consume probiotics such as yoghurts and ate desserts once a day. One of the reasons why Jinny had no thoughts of snacking was because she had herself occupied with better eating habits and workouts. So, if you want that ideal body of yours, you better stop snacking!

Usually, we would hear a lot of diet stories that resulted in yo-yo effects, however, in Jinny’s case, there was no such thing! There you have it, people, it’s all in your mind! As long as you believe in your goals and truly owning them, you would be able to achieve a healthier lifestyle just like Jinny’s.

Good luck or should I say have a fun time dieting healthily!

“Dieting allows one to cherish and love one’s body in experiencing such a transformation,” said Jinny.

Source: AllKpop and Jinny’s Instagram

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