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Capture The Memorable Moments Spent With Loved Ones

Before camera phones were invented, people often record their precious moments in their minds and heart. Those times it was difficult to have anything to reminisce. But when film and video camera came about, we often find ourselves drowned in rolls of films and tapes trying to get it developed into the perfect picture.

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That was when the digital camera was invented, and it evolved into digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). While the quality is amazing, it’s bulky to carry around, sometimes we’re just lazy to bring our cameras out and about. We went on a spontaneous trip to Melaka and below are some of the pictures that were captured during our trip!

In this day and age, smartphones are built with great camera qualities that are similar to that of a camera! Though it promises you great photo and video quality, the price may leave a hole in your pocket. What if I tell you that there is a smartphone with the same great quality in photo-taking but only cost a fraction of the price?

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That’s right! Samsung’s new Galaxy J7+ provides you good photo and video quality, equipped with a dual rear camera (13MP f1.7 + 5MP f1.9)  to give you a higher level of smartphone photography with better focus, a greater depth of field, sharper clarity, and it only cost RM1,299! Not to mention the Live Focus feature that comes built-in the phone that allows you to create bokeh effects in your photography, you know what that means? Better and greater TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY!

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You may be wondering, what sort of pictures should we take when we decide to go on a spontaneous trip, since we don’t have our high quality camera, well basically anything really!

When you friend is trying to get that perfect Instagram picture of your meal together and she chased you all away from the table.

Or that moment where a stranger decides to join in your group photo just for the laughs!

With the camera’s fast shutter, you can see the water droplets on the Queen Victoria Fountain, and the dual-rear camera enhanced the depth of the photo!

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Check out this Panorama of the Melaka river with the famous Casa del Rio, a five-star hotel!

A couple silhouette moment where every couple out there should try! It looks wonderful!

The Samsung Galaxy J7 + camera works well in low-light conditions as well, giving you that money shot of you and your friends overlooking the horizon together from inside the St. Paul’s Church, Melaka’s oldest church, built in the year 1521.

You also must not forget those moments where your friends are being silly.

Also, you shouldn’t turn your eyes away from the natural beauty too with the built-in Live Focus feature, Samsung’s Galaxy J7+ allows you to create bokeh effect without any third party app!! Look at these beautiful flowers!

Who can forget about dessert? There’s nothing better than eating cendol during a hot day, and Melaka durian cendol on top of that!

Nothing is better than a hearty dinner at a cozy restaurant with your best friends and loved one!

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We can’t end the night without strolling through the streets, right? Check out the low-light camera quality!


You see, even without a bulky camera, you can still get pretty decent photos and a great memory, because nobody is always prepared to go on a trip, that’s why we call it a spontaneous trip!

If you are like us who likes to capture memories and precious moments to reminisce it in the future, be sure to check out Samsung Galaxy J7+ for great picture and video taking quality!

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1 Comment

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