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Cats Running Loose Aboard Japanese Railway Company’s Moving Trains Surprises Passengers

Imagine having a bad day and being greeted by warm furry kitties in a moving train, it’s a delightful experience to be around these beautiful animals.

Kitten Cafe Sanctuary, a Non-Governmental Organization partnered up with Yoro Railway Co Ltd to raise awareness of the culling of stray cats by letting several cats loose aboard a moving train for the passengers to play and cuddle with.

Passengers of a local train station in Ogaki, Japan, were surprised last Saturday, September 10, when they were greeted with at least 30 felines and their cute meows as they board up the train.

Several passengers who couldn’t contain themselves sat on the floor to play with the cute kitties. We want to play with kitties too!

This event was hosted as an effort to raise the public’s awareness of stray cats. The number of cats admitted in shelters across Japan has greatly reduced by 70% in 2016 with a total of 72,624 from its previous data back in 2004 of 237,246.

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The event also helped reduce the number of cats that are being culled to 45,574 in 2016 from its incredibly high number of 238,929 in 2004.

Japan currently has around 9.8 million cat population.

One of the passengers from western Japan, Mikiko Hayashi, owner to two stray cats said,

“I think it’s great more people are aware about stray kittens through events like this.”

We should have something like this in Malaysia, to reduce the number of stray cats, promote adopting rather than buying pets. Although it may be a little tricky because we have a community of people who dislike cats, but once they open up to the cats, they would come to love cats too!

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What do you think? Would you like to experience this ride?

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