China Man Dumps Entire Popcorn Box On Woman For Using Phone In Cinema - The Coverage

China Man Dumps Entire Popcorn Box On Woman For Using Phone In Cinema

If you have ever been to the cinema, I’m sure you’ve seen those advertisements before the movie that remind you to put your phone in silent mode. The common courtesy is to not use your phone during the movie as everyone else paid to watch the movie too! You wouldn’t want to be that one bad apple that ruins the whole movie experience for someone else right?

While many of us have the common sense to avoid from inconveniencing others, we are still bound to meet at least one or two inconsiderate human beings at the movies. Most of us would just suck in our frustrations and grumble to ourselves, this man, however, does something many of us wouldn’t do – teach them a lesson!

On February 24, a man and his wife went to the cinemas to catch the latest flick ‘Operation Red Sea’ in the Fuyang District, China. After finding his seat, the man’s attention was not on the big screen in front of him, but instead, on a bright light shining from the row in front of his.

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A young lady was engrossed in her phone while seated in the row in front of the man, apparently, she was preoccupied with her mobile phone even before the movie started!

It seems she was busy answering calls and replying messages on her mobile phone. However, answering calls and messaging was the least of the man’s worries, the worst part of this all was the brightness of her mobile screen as it was brighter than average! Imagine this, sitting in a dark room and a sudden bright light shines on your face!

The man gently approached the lady by tapping on her shoulder, requesting her to reduce the brightness of the screen.

“Hi there, this is a cinema, where everyone is here to enjoy a movie. With your continuous texting and bright mobile phone screen, how are we supposed to enjoy the movie?”

Source: China Press

Usually, when someone is so nice to tell you off nicely, it’s customary to reflect back on your actions and fell that guilt. However, this lady took no care of the man and did not leave her sight from her mobile phone.

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Furious that his advice fell on deaf ears, he thought of the best way to teach this young lady a lesson. He grabbed the box of popcorn from his wife and proceeded to dump it on the young lady’s head.

The act finally caught the attention of the lady as she immediately stopped scrolling her mobile phone and shouted at the man asking him why he did that. Startled by the commotion, the surrounding movie goers stepped in to stop the fight before it escalated further.

It is learned that after the movie, the duo met again while waiting for the escalator. However, this time, instead of popcorn being thrown, harsh comments and fists were being shoved in each other’s faces.

The husband of the young lady also joined in the fight after finding his wife and sister caught up in a brawl after exiting the toilet.

It got so bad to the point the police had to intervene, but that did not stop the fight, and the police had no choice but to bring in both parties to the Chengdong police station.

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Under the advice of the police, both the man and the young lady finally calmed down and realized their mistakes. They apologized to each other and offered a handshake of peace.

I don’t understand people who use their mobile phones in the cinema other than for an emergency, did you pay the movie ticket just to look at your phone not to watch the movie? Then why come to the cinema? You can use your phone elsewhere without even bothering anyone! 

Please be considerate of others and don’t use your phone in the cinema! 

What’s your take on this?

(Source: WOB / China Press)

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