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The Coverage’s December Pick: Molly Ooi – A Passionate Animal Lover With Big Dreams!!!

Molly Ooi Su Geik hails from the north-west state in Malaysia, bordering Thailand and encompassing the Langkawi archipelago – Kedah. This 25-year-old is the symbol of enthusiasm and an ambitious goddess.

Breaking all the odds and mould that circumstance has built up over the years, Molly moved to the big city at a fragile age of 18!

Molly possesses a beautiful neckline on top of her also gorgeous figure, that is usually paired with her long black hair (nowadays). An almost perfect depiction of the “Asian Beauty”. Her beautiful features, of course, did not go by unnoticed by big event companies in KL.

Hence, she began her life journey in KL as a freelance model, which gave her the opportunity to participate in modelling events like Mean Machines, Miss Auto City, and Face of Malaysia 2016. She was also an ambassador for the multinational corporation, Suzuki.

Molly rarely gives in to setbacks as she keeps things positive and lives to keep moving forward. This Pan-Asian beauty is a visual person that learns and picks up things quickly as she watches. Because of that, she has always been an independent woman which strongly believes in a better tomorrow.

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She is as graceful as a swan when it comes to her elegance and her love for animals makes her the kind of life partner a guy would need as she is a warm person that is just full of love and passion.

Her undying love for the animals was also proven when she studied Companion Animal Services TAFE in Brisbane, Australia and even now she is a freelance pet stylist.

Molly is now on a special mission, which is to open up Malaysia’s first ever 5-star pet spa hotel. How awesome is that?! With her enthusiasm, it is most likely to become a reality soon!

She is among those strong soldiers that continuously fight for animal rights while protecting and contributing to as many pet shelters as she can.

However, don’t ever be fooled by her thin figure, she is also damn good at archery and hitting those drums to the beat. Better not mess with this lady, guys! She is a keeper for sure!

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The Coverage Malaysia would like to wish Molly a great future and we strongly believe that she will be able to make her vision come true, as she stays true to her kind nature while saving and giving hope to the animals and mankind.



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