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[CUTE] Proud Mama Rat Drags Her Human’s Hand To Show Her A Baby

You’ve seen many proud fur mama(s) online showing off their adorable offsprings, but I bet you haven’t seen this!

A giant rat was recorded on camera grabbing her human’s finger and dragging her to show off her tiny little baby! Fun fact, rats are one of the highly intelligent animals in the world!

Rats are highly social and communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that we can’t hear without instrumentation.

To our surprise, rats actually like to play together, cuddle, and wrestle just like our other pets!

A neuroscientist at Bowling Green State, Jaak Panksepp suggested that when playing of being tickled, rats make chirping sounds that are strikingly similar to human laughter, and young rats have a marvelous sense of fun.

Panksepp also mentioned that when rats bond with their human companions, they stay together for life. So, if they’re suddenly neglected or given away, they eventually die of sadness.

Rats get lonely, anxious, stressed, and depressed when they don’t have companionship, like us humans! They’re more similar to us than you think!

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The rat seen in the video is most likely a Giant Pouched rat. These types of rats are used in Africa to sniff out landmines! The baby looks like it’s about a few weeks old, but it’s still very fragile and adorable!

Watch the adorable video below!

So, are you up for adopting and raising a rat possibly more? I feel like I want a pet rat now! 

(Source: Bored Panda)

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