Defence Minister Mat Sabu Praised For Humbly Having A Meal With Army Staff In Canteen - The Coverage

Defence Minister Mat Sabu Praised For Humbly Having A Meal With Army Staff In Canteen

Defence Minister Haji Mohamad bin Sabu has already cemented his place in the hearts of Malaysians for being humble and super cute at the same time.

Affectionately known as Mat Sabu, he remains true to his modest nature and hasn’t put on any airs at all despite holding a high ministerial post.

Recently, the humble Defence Minister was spotted hanging out with some army personnel and enjoying a meal together in the Ministry of Defence’s (MinDef) canteen.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Kelab Che Det took to their Facebook page to praise Mat Sabu saying that he always tries his best to be friendly with his staff no matter their ranking. The post said,

“If one day you are having lunch at Cafe MinDef, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see Mat Sabu sitting beside you. This is his true nature which has made him so popular with Malaysians!”

Source: Twitter

Netizens who saw the post also praised the defence minister and salute his humble nature as he has set a really good example for his subordinates.

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Mat Sabu, himself also took to his Twitter account to share photos of his lunch where he c0mplimented the food at Wisma Kementah’s cafeteria and was happy that he could eat and chat with his fellow colleagues.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Several netizens also said that previous ministers would rarely visit the cafeteria at the building and would instead opt for hotel food or fancy catering. They commented that seeing photos like these as a refreshing change with some cheeky Malaysians asking him when he wanted to belanja them!

Mat Sabu, you definitely deserve all the praise you get! Continue to stay awesome!

(Source: Facebook / WOB)

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