Don't Need Fancy Cars For This Bride, She Drives Her Groom And Guests To Her Own Wedding - The Coverage

Don’t Need Fancy Cars For This Bride, She Drives Her Groom And Guests To Her Own Wedding

As a bride, every girl wants her wedding to be a memorable one and some insist on being escorted to their wedding by luxury cars or flown there by helicopter. But there are very few humble women who want to make a difference with their choice in their wedding ceremony.

This one particular bride in Shandong, China, has gone viral ever since the word of her wedding went out, she drove herself, her husband-to-be and her guests to the venue by bus!

According to Shanghaiist, Wu Zheng is a bus driver herself in Shandong city of Qingdao who met her husband-to-be on the bus. Zheng explained to the media outlets that she wanted to make a statement that promotes environmental protection.

She also sees the bus as a family member rather than just a metal box, and it is vital for the bus to be present during her wedding ceremony since she made sure that it would be there to see her wedding take place, Zheng said:

“I wanted it to be here to witness big day.”

Zheng not only made a statement that speaks of being more practical, she also took part in a wedding that will be remembered, not just by her, but by many others as well. However, she is not the first Chinese bride to go the unconventional route.

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Congratulations to the newly wed and may you live happily ever after!

(Source: Shanghaiist)

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