Elderly Man In Philippines Adorably Dresses Up Pet Dog To Protect Him From Rain - The Coverage

Elderly Man In Philippines Adorably Dresses Up Pet Dog To Protect Him From Rain

There’s nothing cuter than animals in clothing! Also, if you’re having a rough day, you’ve come to the right place!

I don’t know about you, but when I see elderly couples, I can’t help but think about how cute they are together, same goes to elderly and their pets, be it cat or dog!

Recently, a Filipino man has gone viral on Facebook after a video of him dressing up his pet dog to avoid getting wet and sick from the rain.

Source: Next Shark

It is learned that the man was spotted at the Agdao Market in Davao City, Philippines, dressing up his furbaby. The video was then posted on Facebook by Alilee Shalom Galilee on February 24, which went viral in just a matter of days with over 3 million views and more than 62,000 shares!

In the video, the dog can be seen chilling in a bicycle basket while the owner dresses the pup up to make sure it doesn’t get wet from the light rain. He wrapped the dog’s body with a cloth/raincoat-like material.

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Source: Next Shark

Now that the body is covered and safe from getting wet, its head, unfortunately, was not. The owner then rustle in the back basket and brought out an adorable little hat! The pup-pups is now ready to face the light rain in his adorable get-up!

Source: Next Shark

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what to say anymore. Pass it around if it this elderly man and his pet dog cheered up your day!

Watch the video below!


(Source: Facebook / Next Shark)

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