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Elizabeth Tan Admits Of Her Depression And Suicidal Thoughts After Her Break Up

Elizabeth Tan recently made it to the headlines after Malaysian media started publishing news about her wanting to kill herself after her break-up with her recent boyfriend.

However, the 23 year old singer wanted to clarify that it was not just about the break-up that she was depressed but it was more than that. She admitted that she was depressed and had suicidal thoughts during her “dark” period but it was not just about the break-up, it was also due to her problems with her family, and religion that had put her under a lot of pressure.

She took to Facebook and shared a status to clarified things by saying,

Hello you alls. Lizzy nk buat pembetulan sikit yer, sbb baru dpt tahu ada beberapa headlines keluar harini mengatakan lizzy kecewa putus cinta sampai nak bunuh diri hahahaha headline tu x betul, so harap semua jgn salah faham tau 😅😅😅 

Memang betul lizzy ada mengalami kemurungan dan sedikit tertekan sebelum ni, which is why I took a short break early this year tapi bukan sepenuhnya disebabkan putus cinta. I have been going through some things over the past 3 years yg Lizzy dah lama pendam dan isu cinta tu hanya jadi pencetus utk semuanya.

But dont worry, Im a lot better now. 😊 Time really does heal. Yg paling penting, is that Lizzy seriously belajar bnyk sngt dari semua pengalaman pahit dan juga manis heheh thank you all so much for all the support! 😗😗😗

Source: Elizabeth Tan Facebook 

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Guuurl, we hope you’re doing great and much better now! Don’t for a second, that you’re alone in this world.


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