Malaysian Guy Grateful To Have GF Who Doesn't Mind Riding On His Motorbike - Does Your Partner Mind What Type of Vehicle You Drive? - The Coverage

Malaysian Guy Grateful To Have GF Who Doesn’t Mind Riding On His Motorbike – Does Your Partner Mind What Type of Vehicle You Drive?

Recently, we learned about a Malaysian girl who refused to get into her friend’s car, which was a Proton Wira and proceeded to call a Grab ride home instead. She also reportedly said to him to never pick her up next time if he was driving a Wira.

Source: Facebook

Another Malaysian took to a Facebook page to share a heartwarming incident with his girlfriend who had no problem hitching a ride on his motorcycle.

Edwin Kong offered his girlfriend a lift home from work, which is 43km away, with his motorcycle. Although it was a long ride, he did it anyway.

She even reminded him to bring an extra pair of shorts when he comes to pick her up. She asked for them because she was wearing a dress and she wanted to change into them for a comfier ride.

Source: Facebook

prior to their meeting her at her workplace, the couple exchanged texts via WeChat, a brief translation of the conversation:

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Edwin: “I’m going to leave on my motorcycle now.”

Girlfriend: “Don’t forget my shorts, or else I will expose myself along the way.”

Edwin: “I took three pairs for you to choose from.”

Girlfriend: “Just take any pair since we are heading home straight away.”

Edwin: “I realized I forgot to bring a jacket when I was nearing a petrol kiosk in Serdang… It’s super cold.”


After picking up his girlfriend from her workplace, the couple took off and even had time for a couple of cute selfies together while on the bike. Edwin then expressed that he is grateful for having a girlfriend that isn’t materialistic.

Source: Facebook

The doting boyfriend wrote,

“I have a girlfriend who doesn’t mind riding on a motorcycle. I’m very lucky! I hope this relationship will last forever.”

Source: Facebook

It’s heartwarming to know that not all girls are materialistic as some certainly don’t mind the kind of vehicles their man drives or rides! As long as we can get from point A to point B!

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What about you? Does your partner mind what type of vehicle you drive? Share with us in the comment section below!

(Source: WOB / Facebook)


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