Girl Gains 5kg From Food Her Friend Sent Her For 3 Months After Saying She Wanted To Lose Weight - The Coverage

Girl Gains 5kg From Food Her Friend Sent Her For 3 Months After Saying She Wanted To Lose Weight

Many of us can relate to the daily struggles to maintain a toned body and healthy weight unless you’re blessed with a high metabolism.

A young lady surnamed Jiang from Nanjing, China, wanted to lose some weight and announced it on the social messaging app, WeChat.

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Normally, if you have said something like that, your friends would be supportive of your goals and encourage you to keep fit, maybe some would even join you in daily exercises. But for Jiang’s friends, they were really something else.

According to Sina, Jiang made the announcement since June 26, but from that day onwards, her online friends started to secretly order food to be delivered to her. Where can I get friends like that?

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She said that every day, she would receive tons of food from her friends and this has been going on for the past three months! Not only did she not lose any weight, but she also gained 5 kg instead due to all the food deliveries she received.

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Jiang described the amount of food she would receive such as buns, herbal tea eggs, scallion pancakes, century egg porridge, ice creams and a number of bubble milk tea drinks for breakfast in the morning.

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Then she would get a call from the delivery person at around 11 am for lunchtime, which would consist of pickled fish, sliced duck for two people, casseroles, spicy soup, beef bibimbap, and prawns.

That’s not all! For teatime, she would receive another barrage of food delivery orders, which include ice cream, meat rolls, sushi, coffee, sausages, herbal jelly, and iced desserts. Jiang also said that she tried asking in her WeChat group about it but no one would admit it.

However, as they only had her work address, she was safe after working hours and there were no delivery orders to her home. One of her friends said that Jiang was a very friendly person who had a good relationship with everyone so she guessed that it all started as a game to them.

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The friend also said that they had a WeChat group where they would frequently send food to each other since mid-June.

Jiang had asked her friends in the group chat not to order any more food for her as she wanted to lose weight but her friend said that Jiang didn’t need to do so and continued buying food for her.

Initially, the friends who sent them to her admitted that they bought the food for her and she had reciprocated. Not long after, they all joined in the fun and no one admitted that they had ordered food for her.

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Jiang said she tried asking them to stop but to no avail. She even distributed the food to her colleagues but there were still a lot of leftovers.

After all, the food deliveries appear to have no malicious intent and seem to be all in good fun. Along with the food, many heartwarming messages were directed to Jiang as well.

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Jiang’s friends are so sweet, but looks like she has to work out a little more to balance out the delicious food she’s been blessed with! 

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