Good Samaritan Bravely Saves Terrified Puppy On Singapore Highway - The Coverage

Good Samaritan Bravely Saves Terrified Puppy On Singapore Highway

When it comes to saving terrified animals, many of us would jump in front of a train in a heartbeat, thankfully, a man in Singapore bravely saved a terrified dog wandering on Upper Thomson Road while road users tried to avoid the pooch.

The heartwarming moment was captured on a dashcam footage and was uploaded on Facebook by Sunita Parhar on Tuesday, May 8, with a caption,

“So we were driving down Upper Thomson Road and this poor puppy was running in the middle of the road.”

Source: Facebook

In the video, the dog can be seen pretty terrified by its surroundings with all the cars whizzing by. However, what’s sad is that not a single person tried to save the poor animal much sooner.

Source: Facebook

Until one man who took it upon himself to get out the road and rescue the poor animal from being possibly hit by a random vehicle.

Parhar continued in the post,

“Poor guy looked so distressed. We were wondering how to help him when a really kind man stepped out and picked him up. Thank you Sir!”

Source: Facebook

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It is learned that the original post only managed to make 236 reactions and 195 shares. But after it got re-posted by Facebook page Fabrications About the PAP, the post instantly went viral with over 229,000 views and more than 4,000 shares!

It’s so heartwarming to hear of kind people helping out poor animals, giving them a better and second chance at life. Help those in need if you can, even a little bit goes a long way!

Watch the dash cam footage below!



(Source: Next Shark / Facebook)

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