The Greatest Kopitiam Fight Of 2018 Award Goes To This Singaporean Man And Women - The Coverage

The Greatest Kopitiam Fight Of 2018 Award Goes To This Singaporean Man And Women

Arguments and disagreements could break out anytime and anywhere when there are two or more people having different opinions. The situation may either escalate to a fight or be settled like proper human beings.

While there are several kopitiam fights that netizens enjoy watching, this surely takes the cake, as there are drama, glass breaking, and woman diving better than any football player all in one kopitiam fight of the year, and it’s only March!

The video was uploaded by a Facebook user whose moniker is Andy Tang with a simple caption, “Hougang blk 684”.

Source: Facebook

In the video, you see a woman getting all in the face of a man clad in a black t-shirt. She taunts him and says “This Singaporean. Come hit me.” He shouts back “I won’t hit a woman!”

Source: Facebook

At some point in the video, it looks like she’s helping him take his shirt off. That was when he proceeds to smack her in the face, but stood there pointing at him as if she has achieved the moral victory of having successfully taunted him into hitting her.

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Source: Facebook

It took her another five seconds before she realized that it may be a better move to roll on the floor three meters away to show how in pain she really is.

Source: Facebook

Her friend then avenges her by attempting to smash a glass on the man’s head, but she utterly fails. the glass then falls to the ground and shatters next to the lady rolling on the floor.

Source: Facebook

The woman on the floor then decides this is the opportune time to check her mobile phone at one point. Was she taking a selfie?

Source: Facebook

After arguing with the woman’s friend, the shirtless man decides the best move to stop the fight is to stick his forehead firmly on the table, that was when the fight ended.

Source: Facebook

The woman who stayed on the floor was wailing the entire time, except when she was checking her phone.

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While we’re unsure of what had triggered the fight between the woman and the man, but we hope things are now solved. 

Watch the video below!


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(Source: Mothership / Facebook)

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