Hong Kong Artistes Michael Miu & Bosco Wong Spotted in SS2 For Durian and Shoot - The Coverage

Hong Kong Artistes Michael Miu & Bosco Wong Spotted in SS2 For Durian and Shoot

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong spotted in SS2

Hey hey, looks like our durians have beguiled Hong Kong artistes all the way to Malaysia. Or it could be just for work.

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 7
Source: Sin Chew

Earlier this week, Michael Miu and Bosco Wong were spotted at SS2, Petaling Jaya, around the corner of Eu Ren Shen outlet on Tuesday (Jan 16) morning.

According to Sin Chewthe duo was spotted on the busy street to film a web series called Guardian Angels 《守护神》. The production crew arrived 7am in the morning for rehearsal and when Michael and Bosco appeared at 11am, passersby immediately recognized the stars and said: “They look as cool as they are on TV!”

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 7Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 7

Fans started to pick up their phones and capture the stars in action but they were quickly stopped by staff. Oh, bummer. Still, we got some closeup ‘sneak peek’ shots.

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 5

They were shooting a heart-stopping car chase scene. The scene showed Bosco’s character driving recklessly, causing a car to run out of control and crash into a pile of debris by the road. Bam bam, squeak squeak, action stuff.

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 2

Bosco didn’t fail to impress. In the hot weather, he was dressed in a floral shirt. There was staff holding a small fan and an umbrella around him throughout the day. Worse still, Michael had to go accordance with the script, dressed in thick layers of a black suit and white shirt. Man, they look good. 

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 2

It’s also reported that the duo appeared in different areas too, such as Petaling Street, Setapak, and Cheras.

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After the shoot at SS2, Michael brought himself to the entrée—durian! It looks like Bosco didn’t join in. It’s cool. Even some Malaysians are divided on this. 

Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 3 Michael Miu & Bosco Wong 3

Here are the videos that captured the artistes up-close. They were shared over 16,000 on Facebook!


Videos and photos source: Sin ChewEasyreaderFacebook

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