Humorous Wife Takes Revenge On Husband Who Is Addicted To Mobile Games By Using A Rat Glue Trap - The Coverage

Humorous Wife Takes Revenge On Husband Who Is Addicted To Mobile Games By Using A Rat Glue Trap

Mobile game can be quite addictive, but you should never let it come in between you and your spouse. You should always pay attention to your spouse because if you don’t you might end up like this man from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province, China.

According to Daily Mail, this man is addicted to his mobile game and hasn’t been paying much attention to his wife. He’s allegedly always glued to his phone, and true enough we can see that his eyes are glued to his smartphone screen.

Source: Daily Mail

No one in this world likes being ignored, so the wife came up with a smart prank to take revenge on her video game-obsessed husband!

The very short clip posted on Chinese social media shows the wife sneaking behind the unsuspecting husband who is busy playing his mobile game.

Source: Daily Mail

She presents the ‘revenge item’ on her hand, then without hesitation, the woman rams the rat glue trap onto his face without warning.

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Source: Daily Mail

The mischievous wife can be heard giggling in the background as her husband tries really hard to peel off the sticky board from his face while shouting in pain.

Source: Daily Mail

The footage ends with the husband looking at his wife in shock.

Source: Daily Mail

While it is funny to watch the wife’s revenge, it is still not very nice to do such thing, so is ignoring your wife. Give her all the attention she needs and she will be the happiest woman on earth! Plus there is a higher chance she won’t bother you after that!

Watch the hilarious video below!


(Source: Next Shark / Daily Mail)

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