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Japan Has Invented A Cat-Inspired Robot To help People To Cope With Anxiety

There are certainly many people who are animal lovers but not all of them have the privilege to own a pet, because they are either a very busy member of society, have allergies or their parents just don’t allow pets!

Yukai Engineering, a Japanese company has an alternate solution for all those wish to have a pet!

Presenting Qoobo, a round furry cushion with a realistic cat tail that moves when the pillow is being petted!

This unique pillow is designed to be a therapy or relaxation robot and it’s marketed mainly for young people living alone, children, and the elderly.

Some people who are unfamiliar to cat’s natural healing powers through the softness of their fur, their constant purrs and their warmth, don’t know that it’s really soothing! Give me a cat and I can spend a long time petting them, I may even fall asleep because it’s just so soothing!

For those who have allergies to their fur, Qoobo is the best alternate solution for a furry friend!

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Plus, the pillow is also designed to help people cope with anxiety, as it promotes relaxation and comfort. It’s the best gift for people who have no idea how to cope with their anxiety.

Check out their video below, and let us know if you’re interested in buying one!

(Source: Bored Panda/ Qoobo )

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