The Lepak Game: The Malaysian version of Cards Against Humanity will test how Malaysian you are! - The Coverage

The Lepak Game: The Malaysian version of Cards Against Humanity will test how Malaysian you are!

Cards Against Humanity is one of the world’s most famous board game to have ever been created. It’s also to no surprise an extremely dark and cynical game. However, if you’re not American at all, you probably won’t understand each and every card, as the game is heavily adapted into American pop culture and references.

Though some may find it hard to appreciate the American humour within the game, you’re still able to play it without a doubt just with much less understanding.


But wait… what if I told you there was a Malaysian version of the game?

Well, you’re in luck because as of tomorrow; in line with Malaysia Day, the newly developed game will be released to the public and the name of the game is ironically titled as The Lepak Game.

The word lepak is pretty familiar to most Malaysian, it means to let loose, relax and just chill with the people around you. The name of the game already smoothly fits right in into our Malaysian culture.

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An inter-racial couple created the game by the name of Trixie and Stephen who also collaborated with All Aboard Community Gaming Centre. To make it even more Malaysian authentic, it will locally designed and published here in Malaysia.


The game is played among a group of four to eight (cynical) friends just like Cards Agaisnt Humanity and it looks surprisingly fun! The cards in the game include Malaysian slangs and food such as “bojio”, “take MC/EL”, “Laksa”, “Nasi Lemak” and manay more.


According to Rojak Culture, “The response has been 90% great! The best reactions we get are ones who end up screaming, laughing and standing up while playing this game. In existing groups of friends, it’s so fun because players have more material on each other to ‘bodek’. We love that it really brings out the different personalities.”


The game will be officially launching on the 16th of September, but you can pre-order it from their website or you can even purchase it the game at the All Aboard Community Gaming Centre in Damansara Jaya.

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