Malaysian UEC Student Demonstrating Voice Command System To Tun M In China - The Coverage

Malaysian UEC Student Demonstrating Voice Command System To Tun M In China

Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad got to test out the first ever Proton SUV equipped with voice command system during his visit to China between August 17 and August 21.

In the viral video, he was seated in the driver’s seat while a young lady demonstrates the system named ‘Hi Proton’ to him.

The system performed flawlessly, but the lady beside Tun M is what captured netizen’s attention because she was surprisingly identified as a Malaysian who’s studying in China.

According to The Star, the beautiful lady named Tan Shu Rin is actually a Johorian who’s majoring in broadcasting at Shanghai’s Fudan University. After completing her studies at Kluang Chung Hwa High School, the 21-year-old student went to China to pursue her tertiary education after getting a full scholarship.

Source: Sinchew

Apparently, Tan has just started her internship at Nuance Communications just a month ago (July 2018). It is a technology development company in Shanghai that’s currently working with Geely to produce the voice command system.

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She was given an important task which was to demonstrate the system to Tun M at Geely Headquarters just three weeks into her internship!

Tan told Sinchew in an interview that she was excited when she got the news and began practicing for the big day. Since Tun M only had 20 minutes for the demonstration, it was unsure whether Tan would get the chance to shine but she poured her heart and soul into the practice nonetheless.

Source: Sinchew

Luckily, she got the shot and she executed her job professionally.

Although the demo lasted only for two minutes, it still meant the world for Tan as being able to demonstrate a technological product for her own prime minister in a foreign country is not a privilege everyone can afford.

Netizens felt proud on seeing how well a UEC student is doing in a foreign country.

Kudos to Tan, we wish all the best for her studies! 

Check out the demonstrating video below and let us know what you think!

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(Source: WOB / Sinchew / The Star)

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