Man Drops iPhone XS Max & Cracks Screen After Being The First To Purchase It In Taiwan Pre-Launch - The Coverage

Man Drops iPhone XS Max & Cracks Screen After Being The First To Purchase It In Taiwan Pre-Launch

Geez, this man’s got horrible butterfingers! All Apple fans out there must be feeling his pain.

There are two types of hardcore Apple fans in this world. One is the type that would camp outside the store overnight while the second type would exploit any loophole available to get the latest iPhone before the official launch.

This particular Taiwanese Apple fan happens to fall on the latter as he somehow managed to get his hands on both the new iPhone XS and XS Max before the launch.

Unfortunately, his job was short-lived as he accidentally dropped the iPhone XS Max on the same day itself and the all-praised glass screen was badly smashed.

The poor man made a video and uploaded it on social media, and it instantly went viral.

Source: Sinchew

Many netizens felt his pain as the phone cost him about TWD50,000 (RM6,750) and he smashed it before he even had the chance to brag about it to his friends.

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Source: Sinchew

What’s worst is that since his device wasn’t obtained through the official store, he will have to bear the cost of repair should he choose to repair it.

Some netizens felt sorry for him while others reckoned that it would be pointless to even fix the screen as it’s going to cost a bomb. Truuuuee! 

Meanwhile, another cheeky netizen asked whether he had any kidneys left since he bought two devices at once.

How many of you are looking forward to buying the new iPhone XS and XS Max or even the XR? We know we can’t afford any of them, that’s for sure. Let us know in the comment section below!


(Source: WOB / Sinchew)

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