Malaysian Man Working In Night Market Humiliated For Not Having Tertiary Education Has a Winning Response - The Coverage

Malaysian Man Working In Night Market Humiliated For Not Having Tertiary Education Has a Winning Response

Although wealth, appearance and rank are only a loan from the Creator, but that is among the things that are still being emphasized in some matter.

Tormented by nosy aunties because of no tertiary education and working at the night market, this trader has the best response!

Recently, a night market trader has shared his experience of being ridiculed by an auntie because he does not have a higher education and only hopes for a living with business.

He said,

“While doing my business one night, I was surprised by the words of an auntie.

Auntie (A): Judging by your looks, you look really young, like in your teens or early twenties.

Man (M): It is what it is, auntie, young people are also trying to make a living through business.

A: But its a waste lah, why don’t you continue studying? Enroll into college or university, it’s not like the night market sales can give you any lifetime guarantee. EPF and SOCSO also don’t have. There’s also no pension. Auntie has three daughters, all of them are in university. When the three of them graduate, they can get government jobs. Got lifetime guarantee, my heart is relieved.

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M: Alhamdulillah, we each have our own good fortune, but business is good too, there’s also guarantee.

A: What is the guarantee? It’s so difficult when you want to purchase things. Want to apply for loan is even more difficult. Let me tell you, my eldest son has been working as a government servant for six years. He can buy a car, an apartment in KL! You know lah, the houses there are over hundreds of thousand of ringgit. Not easy to buy.

M: It’s nice to do business, we get to see and hold money in front of our eyes and its satisfying. After all, it is also what Prophet Muhammad has done before.

A: That’s easy for you to say. If my daughter wants to marry someone like you, I won’t allow it.

Anyone with the right mind would be utterly offended by the auntie’s words just like this man. He continue his post saying,

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1. Doing business with and high educational background is a bonus, but it does not mean you can ridicule those who runs businesses without tertiary education. Business is also a learning process.

2. Enough of your materialistic opinions, so sick of hearing it.

3. People who does business are creating opportunities. What opportunities? Economic opportunities. You can share your livelihood with others.

4. Most traders are actually millionaires. We do not like to show off. It’s okay if we look average to the people.

5. EPF and SOCSO? Yes, it’s important, but it’s does not mean without it, a business cannot be successful. There are so many alternatives out there.

6. I can’t believed that in the era of 2018, there are still people who thinks like this. It’s high time to change! Our government has already changed, stop living in the past!

The struggle of people in business is very different. We may seem laid back in the eyes of some people. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing. When we need to make a point, we will. We do not like to show off.

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