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Meet Dee Devlin, The Woman Who Stood By MMA Fighter McGregor For The Past 8 Years

Ever heard of the saying, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’? If you still doubt this saying, look at successful men like Barack Obama and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad!

For Irish professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Conor Anthony McGregor, the woman that has been supporting him for the past eight years is none other than his girlfriend, Dee Devlin.

Source: ET

“I have no money, no house, no car, I only have my love, do you want to be my life partner?”

If this sentence is spoken from the mouth of a man, will you accept it?

Dee works hard every day to support her boyfriend for eight years. People have said that she is a foolish woman, but their relationship now is envied by many.

Source: Berita Dinding

Conor is now a big star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but all this will not happen if not because of the sacrifices both Dee and Conor made.

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They live together for more than 8 years, Conor is unemployed, they both live in a low-cost apartment. All their living expenses are borne by Dee’s income. Conor aspires to be a champion in mixed martial arts.

Source: Berita Dinding

In order to support her boyfriend’s ambitions, Dee has been working hard every day, even without taking any time off, in order to provide good nutritious food and to fund his training classes.

Despite being scorned by many, only Dee understands his dream the most. Heavy burdens in life made Dee unable to have more money to spend leisurely, but Dee never complains. Because she is convinced that Conor will succeed one day!

Source: Independent

Every time, when Conor loses the game, Dee never scolds him, she always cheers him on and strengthens him,

“Conor, it’s okay. One day you can!”

Slowly but surely, Conor started getting more and more winning matches, defeating one after another world champion. He became the champion of every game, making himself the most respected opponent.

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Source: Berita Dinding

The mental and physical support of his girlfriend is what made Conor who he is today! Interestingly, Conor never forgets Dee’s support and sacrifices, every victory he claimed, he will be celebrated with Dee.

Source: Berita Dinding

Although Dee has repeatedly witnessed Conor’s game, until now, Dee always embraced Conor at every end of the game.

Source: Berita Dinding

Conor claimed victory in MMA competitions one by one and it has turned him into a millionaire, the prize money for each of his games was also gradually getting more and more expensive, and hundreds of thousands of fans willing to buy tickets to watch the game. Now he can buy a mansion, a luxury car, and everything he wants.

Source: Berita Dinding

Every time the game ends, Conor will always bring Dee to shopping. 8 years ago, Dee never got to enjoy this luxury, Conor would silently buy gifts to surprise Dee.

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Source: Berita Dinding

He would bring Dee to fancy places. Take her on luxury cars and private jets, which they can only dream of in television shows back then.

Source: Berita Dinding

Take her away on vacation, wherever Dee wants to go!

Source: Berita Dinding

Conor, however, still likes to stay home with Dee, drinking Dee’s coffee, eating her cooking that he ate for 8 years.

Source: Berita Dinding

The love and support from Dee the past eight years are what made Conor so successful today. This modern romantic story really inspires many people.

Source: Juksy

The best relationship is, no matter how hard or easy, keep supporting each other!

It’s not easy to find someone who is willing to go through hardship with us. If you’ve found someone who is willing to sacrifice for you, then cherish them wholeheartedly.

(Source: Berita Dinding)

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